pedigree timeline

  • president taylor dies

  • uncle tom's cabin published

  • franklin pierce president

  • Kansas Nebraska Act

  • Lincoln Assassinated

  • Abraham Lincoln president

  • Civil War

  • B Hugh King

    B Hugh King
  • Homestead Act

  • U.S. acquiers alaska

  • B Michael Coyne

    B Michael Coyne
  • B Bridget Horan

    B Bridget Horan
  • Standard time

  • B Gorge anderson

    B Gorge anderson
  • B Mary Gibbons

    B Mary Gibbons
  • Statue of Liberty

  • U.S. Acquires Panama Canal

  • San Francisco earthquake

  • B Ralph King

    B Ralph King
  • B Thomas Coyne

    B Thomas Coyne
  • FBI established

  • B Mary Cleveland

    B Mary Cleveland
  • Woodrow wilson president

  • Panama Canal opens

  • B Sarah Anderson

    B Sarah Anderson
  • ww1

  • Charles Lindbergh makes the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight

  • B Charles Paul

    B Charles Paul
  • B Clara King

    B Clara King
  • B Thomas Coyne

    B Thomas Coyne
  • ww2

  • United Nations established

  • Korean War

  • Puerto Rico U.S. commonwealth

  • Explorer1 1st amarican satellite

  • B Leslie Paul

    B Leslie Paul
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivers his “I Have a Dream” speech

  • Miranda v Arizona

  • Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., is assassinated

  • Richard Nixon is inaugurate

  • D Ralph King

    D Ralph King
  • Jimmy Carter is inaugurated

  • D Sarah Anderson

    D Sarah Anderson
    somerville, somerset, new jersey
  • Ronald Reagan is inaugurate

  • Space shuttle Challenger explodes

  • D Thomas Coyne

    D Thomas Coyne
    toms river, ocean new jersey
  • George H. W. Bush is inaugurated

  • M Thomas Leslie

    M Thomas Leslie
  • Bill Clinton is inaugurated

  • B christopher coyne

    B christopher coyne
  • Bombing of federal office building in Oklahoma City

  • Clinton's second inauguration

  • D Mary Cleveland

    D Mary Cleveland
  • President Clinton denies having had a sexual relationship with a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky

  • School shooting at Columbine High School

  • George W. Bush is inaugurated

  • twin towers of World Trade Center in worst terrorist attack against U.S

  • Space shuttle Columbia explodes

  • D Clara King

    D Clara King
  • Barack Obama becomes the first African-American to be elected Presiden

  • Deepwater Horizon oil spill