Paul Revere Timeline

By parksm
  • Paul revere became a patriot.

  • Paul revere was a leader in the attack on the Boston Tea Party. pg12

  • Paul revere was a witness of the Boston Masacre. pg 11

  • Paul revere became a spy. pg 15

  • The british invaded and Paul Revere went on his ride. pg305

  • Doctor Jospeh Warren told him to go to Lexington to inform John Hancock and Samuel Adams of bitish troops heading there way. pg 311

  • Paul Revere was chased by british soldiers. pg 311

  • 12'O clock when he went into medford town. pg.305

  • 1'O clock when he galloped into lexington. pg305

  • Shot head around the world. pg 313

  • Paul Revere and 30 others made a network of spies to watch the movement of British soldiers.