John Tyndall

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  • Lifespan of JohnTyndall

    Lifespan of JohnTyndall
    John Tyndall was born on August 2,1820 in Leighlinbridge, Co. Carlow, Ireland. He died on December 4, 1893 at the age of 73 in Hindhead, Surrey, England.
  • Graduation

    John Tyndall graduated with a Doctor of Philosphy from The University of Marburg in Marburg, Germany.
  • Discovery of Tyndall Effect

    Discovery of Tyndall Effect
    During this year, Tyndall discovered the Tyndall Effect.
  • Tyndall Effect

    Tyndall Effect
    The Tyndall effect which is also known as 'Tyndall's Scattering' is the concept that John Tyndall discovered about how light passes through colloidal and non-colloidal solutions. When light is shown through one medium versus another, the light may scatter differently depending on the contents inside. When particles are to small to block light, the light can not be seen through a medium for instance. Tyndall effect can be used to figure out whether liquids are colloids or not.
  • Example of Tyndall Effect

    Example of Tyndall Effect In this video you can see how he demonstrates how light passes through the medium with only water. The light is not visibly seen passing directly through the medium. However, when the light passes through the medium with soapy water, the light is visibly seen. The light reflects off of very small particles in the soapy water, but the particles are not consolidated enough in the water for the light to be seen.