Kanye west paul mccartney

Paul McCartney TimeLine

By mara049
  • paul mccartney was born

  • moms death

    mother dies of breast cancer
  • meets jhon lennon

    paul meets jhon lennon and after decides to join the Quarrymen
  • beatles form

  • first hit

    first hit #1 in the u.s "i want to hold your hand"
  • dating life

    paul dates actress jane asher
  • break up

    play there last live concert
  • marrige

    marries linda eastmen
  • "paul is dead"

    rumors say hes dead
  • beatles breakup

    paul anounces it
  • solo album

  • forms rockband wings

  • paul is busted for weed in japan

  • jhon lennon died

  • he was knighted

    paul mccartney was knighted as sir paul mccartney
  • linda dies of cancer

  • paul is introduced into rock and roll hall of fame

  • paul has a 5th child