Patrick Swayze

  • Starred in Red Dawn

  • Played Orry Main in North and South

  • Starred in Dirty Dancing

  • - Was reportedly offered 6, 000, 000 dollars to reprise his role of of Johnny Castle in the sequel to Dirty Dancing

    of Johnny Castle in the sequel to Dirty Dancing
  • His song, ‘She’s Like the Wind’ came to #3 on Billboard 100

  • - Called ‘King of the Sleepers for a brief period after the unexpected success of Dirty Dancing and Ghost

  • Starred in the Road House

  • Starred in Ghost

  • Memorable appearance on Saturday Night Live

  • Starred in Point Break

  • Fell off a horse & seriously injured himself during the filming of 'Letters to a Killer'

  • Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

  • - Premiere of A&E series, show was later cancelled due to Swayze’s decreasing health

  • - Takes his cancer battle to the U.S. Congress asking them to vote for maximum funding to let the National Institutes of Health fight cancer and other life threatening illnesses

  • Died