Patruck henry

Patrick Henry

  • Birth

    Patrick Henry was born in Hanover County, Virginia. The image is of the house in which he was born/
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    Patrick Henry was a strong apposer of the Stamp acts. He proposed actions against them during this year.
  • Admitted to House of Burgess

    Admitted to House of Burgess
    Patrick Henry was admitted to the House of Burgess, in Virginia. It was the elected state congress of the time. Because of his election, he was able to become very influential in his area.
  • Early quote

    Early quote
    During a meeting, Patrick Henry (who had quite a temper) got a bit carried away and said "ceaser had his Brutus, Charles I his Cromwell and George III.." he was then promply interruped with cries of "treason" but his point was made.
  • Elected to Continental Congress

    Elected to Continental Congress
    After making quite a stir in his home state of Virginia, Henry got elected to the Continental Congress
  • Virginia Malitia Leader

    Virginia Malitia Leader
    Although Henry was mainly a polotician and lawyer, he also served his time as a leader of the Virginia Malitia.
  • 'Give me Liberty or Give me Death'

    'Give me Liberty or Give me Death'
    In Richmond, Virginia, there was a meeting for the house of Burgesses. Patrick Henry was present and he expressed his strong feelings against the british rule in a speech, the final words of which have gone down in history.
  • Period: to

    Govenor of Virginia

    Patrick Henry was elected 1st and 3rd Govenor of Virginia.
  • Married

    Patrick Henry married at a very young age to Dorothea Dandridge, a cousin of Martha Washington
  • Strong minded

    Strong minded
    Although Patrick Henry agreed with most of his fellow Congressmen, on this date Henry apposed Jefferson's plan to seperate church and state. this shows that he sticks to what he beleives in.
  • Offered Office

    Offered Office
    Patrick Henry was very in demand. President Washington offered him the position of Secratary of State. Due to failing health though, Henry was forced to decline.
  • Death

    After ailing in health for about a month Patrick Henry died and was buried in Red Hill, Virginia