Pandemic Comparison

Timeline created by cetodea
In History
  • First recognized case of Spanish Flu

    Albert Gitchell, a U.S. Army cook at Camp Funston in Kansas
  • U.S. Troops deployed to World War 1

    American troops bring the contagion with them across the Atlantic, spreading the flu quickly through England, France, Spain, and Italy.
  • The contagion earns the name "Spanish Flu"

    Although this H1N1 strain did not originate in Spain, Spanish journalists were the neutral country reporting on the outbreak. Other European countries refrained from reporting the outbreak to mitigate information harmful to the war effort.
  • Spanish Flu mutates

    This new deadlier strain now has the ability to kill healthy young individuals within 24 hours
  • Period: to

    Mutated Spanish Flu strain spreads like wildfire

    New flu strain continues to spread around war-torn Afro-Eurasia and the United States
  • War effort spreads new, deadlier strain

    War effort spreads new, deadlier strain
    Spanish Flu spreads in the crowded conditions of the industrial war complex in Europe back into the United States and Africa
  • First known case of Spanish Flu in Salt Lake City

    -Salt Lake City Board of Heath meet to discuss options
    -Board estimates 8-10 members of the same family infected
    -family traveled to Utah State Fair from Wyoming
    -Board requests schools closed in Coalville
  • Period: to

    Spanish Flu spreads in Uath

    -Dozens of new cases reported with a handful of deaths
    -Mayor of Coalville and family infected
  • Utah is shut down

    -Board of Health closes all churches and Sunday schools, public schools and universities, theaters, movie houses, public meetings, pool halls, dance halls and private dances, and prohibited public gatherings of all kinds
  • Red Cross opens designated flu hospital

    -Judge Mercy Hospital dedicated to treating flu patients
  • Ft. Douglas issues quarantine

    -no soldiers allowed out and no civilians allowed in
    -exceptions for deliveries and family of ill soldiers
  • Utah infections increase

    -over 100 new infections on 10/18 alone
    -increasing numbers of children and young adults infected
    -increased death toll
  • Masks

    -Health Board recommends all citizens wear face masks
  • Period: to

    Flu infections level out

    -Flu infections level out in Salt Lake City
    -other cities to the north experience some infection increase
    -Salt Lake City and Utah level out
  • Utah begins normalization

    Utah begins normalization
    -infections decrease in December, schools begin to reopen
    -infections in Salt Lake City total 10,268, with 576 deaths from influenza or pneumonia