Panda Bears Enviromental History

  • First Panda Slaughter by Humans

    A hunter brings back panda skin to a French Jesuit, Armand David
  • First Foreigners to Shoot a Panda

    The Roosevelt brothers became the first foreigners to shoot a Panda
  • First Snatching of an Infant Panda

    Ruth Harkness takes an infant Panda to the USA evoking universal sympathy for the animal and starts the creation of the "Panda Cult."
  • China Closes Its Doors

    China closes it's doors to the exploitation of Panda's by foreginers
  • Panda Kidnappings

    14 Pandas have been taken from China by foreigners
  • Goodwill Ambassadors

    China starts to use pandas as goodwill ambassadors
  • Period: to

    Goodwill Gestures

    A total of 24 pandas are given to foreign countries as goodwill gestures
  • Panda Reserves

    The first four panda reserves are established and a nature decree issued proibiting the hunting of animals, including the Pands
  • Additional Panda Reserves

    More Panda Reserves are established
  • DNA

    DNA analysis shows that the Pandas are part of the bear family
  • Pandas Dying of Starvation

    People thought that Pandas were dying of starvation because of the bamboo dying off in the reserves, which happens periodically
  • Census

    Census shows that only 100 pandas are living in the wild which alerts the goverment into the serious situation that the pandas are in
  • Panda Study

    The Chinese goverment initiates a Panda study and builds a field camp to closely observe Pandas
  • WWF (Work With Pandas)

    WWF International's chairman signs a document in Beijing which lets WWF and authorities in China work together to conserve the Pandas
  • Unnecessary Panda Rescue Campaigns

    Massive unnecessary Panda rescue campaigns take place followed by bamboo flowering
  • First WWF Observation

    The WWF make there first observation of a Panda in the wild
  • Inadequate Panda Reserves

    More Panda reserves pop up but they are considered shells of the previous Panda reserves and unable to provide adequate protection to the Panda
  • Dr. George Schaller

    Dr. George Schaller is invited by the WWF to study the Panda making him the first western scientist to be entrusted to lead the WWF in fieldwork for the Panda
  • Dr Schallers Breakthroughs

    Dr. Schaller makes observations on the Pandas behaviour and ecology, forming the basis of the knowledge of Pandas for years to come
  • Panda Wildlife Law

    A wildlife protection law is issued for the better protection of the Panda
  • Pelts Found

    Chinese officials discover the pelts of 146 Pandas and investigate 115 cases of illegal dealings in Panda fur
  • Period: to

    WWF Support

    WWF supports a range of Panda conservation work, including how to reserve rangers get training, veterinary work, and biomonthly monitering.
  • Snares in the Reserve

    A WWF patrol found 70 snares in a Panda reserve
  • National Conservation Program for the Giant Panda and Its Habitat

    A management plan for the Panda is launched and is called the National conservation Program for the Giant Panda and Its Habitat and calls for the establishment of an additional 14 Panda reserves, improvments for the existing 13 reserves and the creation of 15 migratory corridors to enable movement between isolated Panda groups.
  • National Program Approved

    The State Council approved the National Panda Program commiting 5 million dollars to support Panda Conservation
  • Period: to


    WWF trains more than 300 panda reserve staff and local government officials in Pingwu in nature reserve management, monitoring, conducting anti-poaching patrols and pioneering community-based conservation approaches
  • Integrated Conservation and Development Project

    WWF and the chinese goverment work together launches an Integrated Conservation and Development Project in Pingwu to address the conflicting needs of the pandas and the people
  • Cloning Pandas

    A scientest attempts to clone a Panda at the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Captivity

    Studies show that a total of 467 pandas have been kept in captivity since 1936
  • More Agreements by the WWF

    An agreement is signed between WWF and the Shaanxi Forestry Department to establish 13 new reserves and create the first habitat corridors in the Qinling mountains. The project aims to reconnect the fragmented giant panda populations in this mountain range
  • More Panda Reserves

    The Chinese Goverment announces a new Wildlife and Protected Areas Program that will invest 10 million dollars to create up to 18 new Panda reserves in the next ten years
  • "Gift to Earth"

    The Shaanxi Provincial Government officially sanctioned five new panda reserves and five ecological corridors for the giant panda, increasing protected area for the giant pandas in Qinling by over 150,000 acres. WWF recognizes this as a "gift to Earth"
  • Third National Survey

    The result of the Third National Survey on the Giant Panda and Its Habitat was released by the State Council of China.