Panco villa bandit

Pancho Villa

  • Birth

    Pancho Villa was born June 5, 1878. He was born in Hacienda de Rio Grande, Mexico. His original name is Doroteo Arango, his full name is Jose Doroteo Arango Arambula.
  • Madero's Uprising

    Madero's Uprising
    In 1910, he joined Francisco Madero’s uprising against Porfirio Diaz, the dictator of Mexico. After the success of the revolution, he remained in the army.
  • Huerta

    In 1912, Villa kindled the suspicion of Gen. Victoriano Huerta, who sentenced him to death. However, Madero sent him to prison instead. In November, he escaped to the United States.
  • Division of the North

    Division of the North
    Madero’s assassination in 1913 led Villa to return to Mexico. Where he formed a band of Military men. They became known as the Division del Norte.
  • Governor

    The bandit who changed his name for hiding, loved photographs. He even signed a contract with Hollywood’s Mutual Film Company to have several of his battles filmed. In December, 1913, he became governor of the state of Chihuahua.
  • Friendships and rivalrys

    Friendships and rivalrys
    Villa and Venustiano Carranza, won a victory together over Victoriano Huerta. Together the victorious leaders entered Mexico City. Later, however, a rivalry broke out between them, and Villa was forced to flee with Emiliano Zapata, in 1914.
  • Who controls what?

    Who controls what?
    In January, 1916, he executed at least 17 U.S citizens at Santa Isabel, Chihuahua. Horribly defeated by Carranza, they had to show that he did not control northern Mexico.
  • Attacking Columbus

    Attacking Columbus
    In March, 1916, Villa attacked Columbus, New Mexico. Killing 17 Americans. U.S. Pres. Woodrow Wilson sent an expedition to that area, but the Mexican government did not like their presence on Mexican soil. Proving it impossible to capture Villa.
  • Overthrowing Carranza

    Overthrowing Carranza
    After the overthrow of Carranza from government in 1920, Villa was granted a ranch near Parral, Chihuahua. If he agreed to retire from politics.
  • Death

    On July 20, 1923, in Hidalgo del Parral, Mexico, he was assassinated. While he was driving home in his car.