PA History

By mattc
  • william penn

    On October 24, 1644 William Penn was born. He was son of Admiral Penn. Penn grew up to be very smart. He shocked his upper class assciates with his beliefs with the Quakers.
  • King signs the Charter

    King Charles II owed a lot of money to Admiral Penn. When Admiral Penn died the King had to give the money to William Penn. Instead of money William Penn asked for land in the new territory for him and the Quakers. Penn's petition was granted. The king signed the charter on March 4, 1681.
  • French and Indian War

    Pennsylvania was involved in the wars between great Brittain and France. The British and French were fighing for dominince in North America. The French tried to control the Ohio valley in 1753-1763. This leads to the French and Indian War. It was called The French and Indian war. after 9 year of fighting (1754-1763) the British won in August 1,1763.
  • Pennsylvania growing

    Pennsylvaia was a leading agricultural are it produced surpluses for export. It also had abundent natural resources. Manufactures grew rapidly. They used the rivers to transfer trade with the Indians which was very important for them. Pennsylvania had multiple ethnic coloney with English, Germans, and Scott-Irish was one third of the population.
  • Revolutionary War

    The Revolutionary War was fought on Pennsylvania frontiers.By the end of the War more than 300,000 white settlers had forced the Indians to move farther west into Ohio. Between 1770 and 1780 the Native American population in Pennsylvania declined from about 5,000 to only 1,000. The Revolution also inspired a new representative form of government based on republican principles and united the colonies in ways that few before the war would have dreamed possible.