P1 - Media Technology - Jack Sagar

  • Jan 1, 1439

    Invention of The Printing Press

    Invention of The Printing Press
    The First Technology To be developed on a mass scale was the printing press which allowed people to produce a large number of documents. Although most people couldn't read.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1439 to

    Media Technology

  • Journals

    Journals were published by scientists & engineers. The major problem is that most people still couldn't read. On the other hand this allowed ideas to be shared and starting advancing the world of science.
  • Magazines

    Monthly printing of magazines, allows for people who can read to follow their interest and read about them.
  • Newspaper

    Technology allows for daily printing of a newspaper. People can now find out what happened yesterday and react to it today. This speeds up events and creates reporters.
  • First Telephone

    First Telephone
    People can now communicate in real time over long distances, but only used on a commercial basis due to the cost.
  • Telephone for Residential Use

    Telephone for Residential Use
    The first telephone used for residential purposes, but the price was still quite high.
  • Radio

    The first radio transmission was broadcast straight into peoples homes. These companies were run by government owned broadcasters. Millions Bought radios.
  • Television

    This was a very powerful piece of media which was shaping peoples opinions. It also created news reporters. Today there are 24 million TV's in the UK
  • Internet

    The US military invents the internet.
  • Cable TV

    Cable TV
    This allows for the transmission of hundreds of channels and also lays the groundwork for broadband.
  • Mobile Phone

    Mobile Phone
    The first mobile phone a big, numb 1KG phone and cost about £2000 in todays money and only had 30 minutes talk time. Usually used by businessmen in major cities etc.
  • SKY TV

    SKY TV
    SKY was very high tech when it came out and still is to a certain extent. This allows for even more channels and allows live reporting direct from the scene. Now it has 10 million subscribers.
  • Text Message

    Text Message
    Is now the most popular form of communication and 1 billion texts are now sent weekly in the UK.
  • World Wide Web 1.0

    World Wide Web 1.0
    You can now search for informatiuon and buy things on sites like ebay etc.
  • 3G Mobile

    3G Mobile
    Allows for recording of films and images on mobile phones everyone can now do this.
  • Web 2.0

    Web 2.0
    The internet is now mainly about social networking i.e BEBO and MySpace
  • 4G Mobile Phones

    4G Mobile Phones
    High Speed internet is now on mobiles
  • Web 3.0

    Web 3.0
    Now the internet is becoming more of a tool that finds, arranges on your behalf.