Origins of FIFA

  • The F.A was founded

    The first ever football body was founded in the UK. This would lay down the foundations for the need for a Football governing body.
  • The Union des Sociétés Françaises de Sports Athlétiques was founded

    France's national sports body the The Union des Sociétés Françaises de Sports Athlétiques was founded. This organization were one of the founding members and the biggest contributor to FIFA
  • FIFA was founded

    The international governing body of football FIFA is founded in Paris 21st of May, 1904.
  • The first FIFA congress happened

    The first meeting between FIFA officials occurred. They decided the rules of Football and the first president of FIFA.
  • The first FIFA president is elected

    Robert Guerin, a French journalist and one of the founding members of FIFA was elected as the first FIFA president.
  • The UK joins FIFA

    After laughing at the thought of a international football body, the UK joins FIFA. The UK was one of the biggest influences for the sport of FIFA
  • A new English FIFA president is elected

    Daniel Burley Woolfall, an English FA administrator, is elected as the second FIFA president.
  • The first official intenational football tournament is held.

    Many people felt the need for an international tournament, where national teams compete against each other. In the 1908 olympics, FIFA's first official international tournament occurs, the UK wins the Gold medal.