Origins if Cold War

  • Capitalism

    Who (was capitalist)- United States What (was it/is it)- a economic system in which private individuals and corporations control the economy. Why (importance)- It was important because Capitalism works with a democracy/republic.
  • Communism

    Who- Soviet union (USSR) What- The economic policy of creating equality amongst people, or social classes. Why- It was important because communism works with a dictator.
  • Superpowers

    Who- United States and USSR What (does it mean)- A competition between U.S and USSR of who can change their status to super powers. Why (were these two countries the “superpowers”)- U.S and USSR were “Superpowers” because U.S. was economically strong, and also had a strong military and had little damage from WWII. USSR, on the other hand, had the largest military in the world.
  • Yalta Conference

    Who (was involved)- FDR, Stalin, and Churchill were involved. What (was it)- A conference where FDR, Stalin, and Churchill met to discuss a final strategy to defeat Germany and a Postwar Peace Agreement. When (did it occur)- Took place February of 1945. Where- It was held at the Crimean peninsula in Russia. Why (important/ outcome)- The outcome was that Germany was to be divided between the four nations of U.S. , USSR, Great Britain and France.
  • Nuremburg Trials

    Who- Members of the Nazi party who were responsible for the holocaust. What (was it)- Trials for the members of the Nazi party. Some were excused because Hitler said that they were just following orders and ost were hanged or sent to prison. When- After WWII was over and during the cold war Why- They were responsible for the Holocaust which had killed millions of Jews in many harsh ways.
  • Potsdam Conference

    Who (was involved)- Great Britain, France, U.S. and USSR. What (was it)- A final conference held to finish the final peace settlement. When (did it occur)- The Potsdam Conference took place in July of 1945. Where- A suburb in Berlin which was called Cecilienhof Why (importance/outcome)- At the conference, it was determined that Poland and other Eastern European nations to have free trade and USSR got reparations for their occupied zone in Germany. Germany was continued to be divided amongst
  • United Nations

    Who (was involved)- U.S , Great Britain, France and China were members of the United nations. What (was it)- United Nations was basically a group of countries working together just like the league of nations. When (was it formed)- It was formed during the Potsdam Conference which took place July 1945. Why (role)- The role of the United Nations was to focus on Jews and their home state called Israel and regulate regional conflicts and provide food and economic aid to nations in need. They al