orgins of the constitution

  • Jun 15, 1215

    Magna Carta

    protection againist the abituary taking life, liberty and property
  • Jamestown

    the first colony
  • french indian war

    british fought against the french
  • king george lll is king

    britain began to deal more firmly with the colonies
  • Stamp act

    the law required use of taxe stamps on all legal documents
  • boston tea party

    protesting the monopoly of tea
  • 1st continential congress

    paarliament passed another set of laws
  • 2nd continential congress

    brittsh government continued to refuse to compromise
  • declartion of independence

    prclaimed the existence of the new nation
  • articles of confederation

    established firn league pf friendship among states
  • revolutionary war ends

    americas vixtory was confirmed by siigning treaty of paris
  • revolutionary war begins

    american war of independence
  • shays rebellion

    armed insurrection by farmeers in w. massachusettts
  • constituional convention

    fundamental laws