Operation enduring freedom

  • A third country for a trail

    The Taliban offecers a third trail for a country if the United States gives evidenceof Bin Laden's involvment with the 9-11.
  • Defences.

    Planes flying to U.S and coalition forces to help and create an national army.
  • Assumes responsability

    NATO assumes responsability for the ISAF mission.
  • New constitution

    Afghanistan passes a new constitution by consensus.
  • Election

    The first periamentary and provincial election are held in more than three decades.
  • First visit to Afghanistan .

    President George W. Bush makes his first visit to Afghanistan.
  • Incrising troops.

    President Bush, calls on NATO to increase troops in Afghanistan.
  • Troops increase aprove it.

    President Obama approves a troop increase of 17,000 for Afghanistan, currently about 38,000 US.