Operation Desert Storm

By hughess
  • Iraq invades Kuwait

    Iraq accuses Kuwait of stealing Iraq's oil and Iraq invades
  • Operation Desert Shield Begins

  • First U.S forces arrive

    U.S. troops arrive in Saudi Arabia to fight Iraq
  • First U.S. death

    The first U.S. related death in Operation Desert Shield.
  • President Bush authorizes first draft of Selected Reservists

    A draft is authorized.
  • U.S. missle interscepts first Scud

    The first missle fired is intersepted by the U.S.
  • Air war begins

    Operation Desert Storm and air war phase begins, Jan. 17, 1991.
  • Iraq attacks Israel

    Iraq attacks Israel with seven Scud missles.
  • President Bush authorizes a draft

    A draft of one million National Guardsmen and Reservists is put into affect.
  • DoD announces deployment

    Dod announces deployment of Europe-based Patriot missles to Israel.
  • Iraq creates oil slick in Gulf

  • Iraqis invade Khafji, Saudi Arabia

  • Iraq captures first female U.S. prisoner of war

  • Award of the National Defense Service Medal is authorized

  • Iraq ignites around 700 oil wells in Kuwait

  • Iraqi Scud destroys U.S. barracks

    Iraqi Scud kills 28 people while destroying U.S. barracks.
  • 292 U.S. casulties

    The total number of U.S. casulties was 292
  • End of agression declared