Operation Barbarossa

By klkosk
  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    The United States agreed to the transfer of 50 old destroyers to the British fleet in exchange for naval bases in the Western Hemisphere. At Roosevelt's urging, Congress authorized the construction of new planes to defend America's coast. Congress also enacted the first peacetime draft in the nation's history in September 1940.
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Operation Barbarossa
    Operation Barbarossa was a code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union. Hitler did this because he hopes that it would be like the success of the blitzkrieg.
  • Operation torch

    Operation torch
    In North Africa,1942, British victory at El Alamein began pushing the Germans back. In November, the first American combat troops entered the European war, landing in French Morocco and pushing the Germans east while the British pushed west.
  • Operation overload

    Operation overload
    The Western Allies of World War II launched the largest amphibious invasion in history when they assaulted Normandy, located on the northern coast of France. Invaders were able to establish a beachhead as part of Operation Overlord after a successful “D-Day,” the first day of the invasion.
  • Yalta Conference

    Yalta Conference
    This World War II meeting comprised the heads of government of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union, represented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Premier Joseph Stalin, respectively, to discuss Europe’s post-war reorganization. The conference convened in the Livadia Palace near Yalta in Crimea. The meeting was intended mainly to discuss the re-establishment of the nations of war-torn Europe.