Operating System: Windows

  • Microsoft Boots up

    Microsoft Boots up
    Like most start-ups, Microsoft begins small, but has a huge vision—a computer on every desktop and in every home.
  • The dawn of MS-DOS

    The dawn of MS-DOS
    Microsoft focuses on a new operating system.The software that manages, or runs, the computer hardware and also serves to bridge the gap between the computer hardware and programs, They name their new operating system "MS-DOS."
  • Introduction of Windows

    Introduction of Windows
    Microsoft announced the development of an operating environment named Windows.
  • Intreoducing Windows 1.0

    Intreoducing Windows 1.0
    Microsoft works on the first version of a new operating system. Interface Manager is the code name and is considered as the final name, but Windows prevails because it best describes the boxes or computing “windows” that are fundamental to the new system.
  • More windows, more speed

    More windows, more speed
    Microsoft releases Windows 2.0 with desktop icons and expanded memory. With improved graphics support, you can now overlap windows, control the screen layout, and use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work
  • Windows 3.0–Windows NT

    Windows 3.0–Windows NT
    Microsoft announces Windows 3.0, followed shortly by Windows 3.1 which makes it a strategic business platform that supports high-end engineering and scientific programs.
  • Windows 95

    Windows 95
    Microsoft releases Windows 95.It’s the most publicized launch Microsoft has ever taken on.Windows 95 has built-in Internet support, dial-up networking, and new Plug and Play capabilities that make it easy to install hardware and software.
  • Internet

    Bill Gates delivers a memo titled “The Internet Tidal Wave,” and declares the Internet as “the most important development since the advent of the PC.”
    The first version of Internet Explorer is released. The browser joins those already vying for space on the World Wide Web.
  • Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me

    Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me
    Windows 98 is the first version of Windows designed specifically for consumers ,you can find information more easily on your PC as well as the Internet. Windows Me offers numerous music, video, and home networking enhancements and reliability improvements compared to previous versions. Windows 2000 Professional simplifies hardware installation by adding support for a wide variety of new Plug and Play hardware, including advanced networking and wireless products, USB devices, IEEE 1394 device
  • Windows XP—Stable, usable, and fast

    Windows XP—Stable, usable, and fast
    Windows XP is released with a redesigned look and feel that's centered on usability and a unified Help and Support services center. It’s available in 25 languages.
  • Smart on security-Windows Vista

    Smart on security-Windows Vista
    Windows Vista is released in 2006 with the strongest security system yet. User Account Control helps prevent potentially harmful software from making changes to your computer.
  • Price when was released

    Price when was released
    Windows 7 includes many features, such as new ways to work with windows—Snap, Peek, and Shake. Windows Touch makes its debut, enabling you to use your fingers to browse the web, flip through photos, and open files and folders.Windows 7 is evaluated by 8 million beta testers worldwide before it's released.By the fall of 2010, Windows 7 is selling seven copies a second—the fastest-selling operating system in history.
  • Operating System Logo

    Operating System Logo
    It’s a windos,not a flag