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one direction- liam pynes

  • Family (Mother Father)

    His Mohter and Father had gotten a divorse wene he was little so he didnt have a man around the house to give him advise on things and his mother had a rough time taking care of 3 children.
  • birhtday

    liam paynes was born. His birthday 29
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    the life style of liam paynes

  • Liam

    Liam Paynes was born and this is hi
  • Home

    His home town is Wolverhampton, England
  • Family

    he has two sisters Nicola who is 22 years old and Ruth who is 20 years old
  • Childhood

    he was an athlete at the age of 12 he was picked for his school's under 18 cross country team. he was bulied while a kid to defend himself he learned boxing classes adn he broke his nose and had bruses all over is face.
  • Injury

    he was diagnosed wiht a faulty kidney and went thought trauma of taking over 30 injections during the day to ease the pain.
  • Dating life

    Dating life
    Liam asked out many of girls and mostly been rejected, cheated on, and once he asked out this girl over 20 time and rejected him every time.
  • X Factor

    Liam tyred out for the X Factor and simon cowell said he wasnt ready and to try out again in a couple of years
  • One Direction

     One Direction
    Liam tryed again for the X Factor and simon cowell was the one who made the band One Diretion
  • Today

    Liam Paynes and his band One Direction is a very popular band in this year and many girls adore them
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    the life of liam paynes