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Olympic Long Jump

  • Jan 1, 776

    First Olympics

    First recorded evidence of the ancient Olympic games.
  • Ancient Olympia site found

    Englishman Richard Chandler discovered the site of ancient Olympia.
  • IOC founded

    The International Olympic Committee was founded by Baron Pierre de Coubertin who took the title of President of the committee.
  • First Modern Olympic Games

    The first modern Olympic games was held in Athens, Greece. All winners were presented with an olive branch and a silver medal.
  • Women competed for the first time

    Women competed for the first time.
  • Gold, silver and bronze medals were introduced.

    Winners of events were given a gold medal, second place a silver medal and third place a bronze medal.
  • Olympic Rings

    Pierre de Coubertin designed the Olympic symbol of 5 interlocking rings.
  • Cancelled

    Due to World War One(WWI) the Olympic games were cancelled.
  • Winter Olympics

    The first Winter Olympics were held in Chamonix France
  • Olympic Flame first lit

    The Olympic flame was lit for the first time and burned throughout the entire competition
  • Lake Placid, USA

    First Winter Olympics in America
  • First televised Olympics

    First Olympics to be televised, however the footage could only be watched on local television. Basketball became an Olympic sport for the first time and was won by the USA.
  • Cancelled

    Cancelled due to World War Two
  • Cancelled

    Cancelled due to World War Two
  • Winter Olympics

    Snow had to be imported into the country before the games could even begin.
  • Tokyo, Japan

    First Olympics held in Asia
  • Boycotted

    31 nations boycotted the games as a protest against the New Zealand rugby team's recent game with South Africa
  • Western boycott, Summer Olympics

    61 Nations refused to compete in these games as a protest against Russia's invasion of Afghanistan.
  • Olympics banned

    The Roman Emperor, Theodosius I, banned the Olympics.