Long jump

Olympic Long Jump

  • first modern olympic

    first modern olympic
    The 1986 summer olympics were held in Greece(Athens).It was called the Games of the I Olympian.Two major sports in it were football and cricket.
  • Women compete for the first time

    Women compete for the first time
    Paris hosted these games without a stadium. Most events were held in the Bois de Boulogne and swimming events were held in the river Seine. Women competed for the first time.
  • First olympic stadium

    First olympic stadium
    For the first time the Olympics take place in a purpose built stadium. Figure skating was introduced as an Olympic sport. Australia and New Zealand competed together as Australasia.
  • The Rings

    The Rings
    Pierre de Coubertin designed the Olympic symbol of 5 interlocking rings.
  • First winter

    First winter
    The first Winter Olympics were held in Chamonix France
  • First TV olympic

    First TV olympic
    First Olympics to be televised, however the footage could only be watched on local television. Basketball became an Olympic sport for the first time and was won by the USA.
  • Refuse

    61 Nations refused to compete in these games as a protest against Russia's invasion of Afghanistan in moscow russia. In the picture you can see britain refusing the call.
  • Gold Metal

    Gold Metal
    Steve Redgrave won a fifth consecutive gold medal in rowing.
  • First indoor ceremony

    First indoor ceremony
    The first games to hold its opening ceremony indoors
  • most recent

    most recent
    The games return to London for the third time