Oedipus Rex

Timeline created by autumnm216
  • AD 1

    The Prophecy

    King Laius and Queen Jocasta learn about the prophecy that says that their son will kill his father and marry his mother.
  • 2

    The baby is born

    Laius and Jocasta have their son, Oedipus.
  • 3

    The baby and the Shepard

    The baby and the Shepard
    Laius and Jocasta give the baby to the Shepard to leave on the mountain top to die.
  • 4

    The baby and the Shepard p2

    The baby and the Shepard p2
    The Shepard ties the babies legs together so that he can't escape.
  • 5

    The baby and the Shepard p3

    The baby and the Shepard p3
    The Shepard feels guilty about leaving the baby, so he gives him to a messenger.
  • 6

    The Messenger, and Polybus and Merope

    The messenger takes baby Oedipus to King Polybus and Queen Merope of Corinth.
  • 7

    Oedipus hears about the prophecy

    Oedipus hears about the prophecy, and thinking that Merope and Polybus are his real parents, leaves Corinth.
  • 8

    Laius' Death

    Oedipus, after leaving Corinth, travels to Thebes and ,unknowingly, kills his real father, king Laius.
  • 9

    Arrival at Thebes and the Sphinx

    Oedipus arrives at Thebes, and sees that they are in need of rescue from the Sphinx. In order to save Thebes, one must solve a riddle: Oedipus solves it and saves Thebes.
  • 10

    Oedipus is King

    Oedipus was declared king after saving Thebes.
  • 11

    Oedipus and Jocasta

    Oedipus later marries Jocasta, whom neither know is his mother, and they have 4 children together.
  • 12

    The plague

    The plague
    A plague erupts in Thebes, and the people and Oedipus consult in the gods (the oracle at Delphi) for help.
  • 13

    The oracle says...

    The oracle says...
    The oracle tells Creon, who was sent to the oracle by Oedipus, that the plague will end once Laius' killer is no longer in Thebes.
  • 14

    Oedipus' vow

    Oedipus vows to find and punish whomever killed King Laius.
  • 15


    Tiresias, sent by Apollo, comes to Thebes, and accuses Oedipus of being Laius' killer, and tells his he can't seen the truth. Oedipus accuses him of lying. Him and Tiresias get into an argument, and Oedipus makes fun of Tiresias' blindness.
  • 16

    Jocasta reassures

    Jocasta reassures Oedipus that her son was killed when he was just a baby, so the killer couldn't be Oedipus.
  • 17

    The messenger is back

    The messenger comes to Thebes, and tells Oedipus that Polybus isn't his real father. He tells him that the Shepard that was supposed to kill the baby, gave him the child, and that he was the one that gave the baby (Oedipus), to Polybus and Merope.
  • 18

    Jocasta's realization

    After hearing what the messenger has to say, Jocasta realizes the truth, and asks Oedipus to stop asking questions.
  • 19

    Oedipus knows

    Oedipus finally puts all the pieces together, and goes to find Jocasta.
  • 20

    Jocasta's death

    Jocasta's death
    Jocasta locks herself in her room, and hangs herself. Oedipus bursts in only to find her dead body hanging. He cries and then gouges his eyes out with the pins off her clothes.
  • 21

    Oedipus' rage at his own fate

    Oedipus comes out cursing his life and his fate. He says that Apollo predicted this. He asks to be banished from Thebes and curses his marriage, birth, and life.
  • 22

    Oedipus says goodbye

    Oedipus wishes to see his daughter one last time, they are all crying, and he apologizes to them. Creon tells Oedipus that he has cried enough, and that he has lost all his power.