• Disabling Event / Cumulation (Hypothetical)

  • Individual Loses Job (Hypothetical)

  • Individual Applies for OW (Hypothetical)

  • Individual begins Application Process for ODSP

  • Doctor completes Health Status Report and Activities of Daily Living Index

  • Individual Completes Self-Report

  • Individual gathers all other Doctor and Specialist reports

  • Individual Submits Application to the DAU

  • DAU gives Director's Decision (Approximately 2.5 Months later)

  • Deadline to ask for IR (30 Days from Decision)

  • DAU Deadline gives IR decision (10 days after request)

  • Client can Appeal IR Decision (even if IR decision not received)

  • Period: to

    CLASP Involved with Client

  • Deadline to Appeal to SBT (30 Days after IR Decision notice)

  • Additional Medical Submissions due to SBT and DAU (30 days before hearing)

  • Meeting with Client, Review Examination Questions

  • Hearing Date (Approx 7 months later)