Obsolete items

Timeline created by Toni Obasanya
  • Fax Machine

    Fax Machine
    Fax machines created in 1843 have reached their end point and have since been replaced by faxing technology. This is no surprise since technology is now the new modern use.
  • Landline

    Landlines are basically just phones with wires that people for popularly used a while ago. The are becoming obsolete because a lot of people are now using wire less phones with makes landlines basically useless.
  • Phone book

    Phone book
    The phone book is now seen as a waste of resources and are no longer distributed. This book created in
  • Vinyl

    The vinyl started to essentially become unpopularized at around 1989 due to the distributers restricting their return policy.
  • Slide projectors

    Slide projectors
    The slide projector made in the 1950s was a machine used to view old images on a slide. Not commonly used now but they were a long time ago.
  • VCRs

    Invented in 1956 as pretty much a way for people to record things on TV. Now that we have Netflix and other networks that we can just pause and play VCRs have completely died and become obolete.
  • CDs

    Invented in 1979 as a way of listening to music before you could just download some songs on your phone and listen to those. As expected the growing use of phones is now making the use of CDs very limited and its very obvious that these could be obsolete any time now.
  • Dial up

    Dial up
    The dial up was invented in 1992 and have since got very unpopular and unused for the last few years. Wireless internet is now the way to go according to many people.
  • PDAs

    Since a smartphone can do the work of both a PDA and a cellphone, a lot of people realized there is not really a point f owning a PDA anymore. This caused these devices to be yet another source of technology overshadowed by smartphones.
  • Dumb phones

    Dumb phones
    Another type of phone put in the dust by smartphones. All these phones could do was call and text, so with an upgrade like smartphones, why wouldn't these phones be overshadowed?