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The History of Obsolete Music Inventions

  • The First Microphone

    The First Microphone
    All the way in 1877 a device was created that changed the world. This item was invented by David Edwards Hughes, and as I said before this changed the world, matter of a fact it started a world known as music. The item I am talking about is the microphone.
  • Headphones

    All the way back in the year 1910, an item was invented for listening to music at louder volumes, but without disturbing others. This device is what we know as headphones, and it was invented by Nathaniel Baldwin. So, feel free to thank Baldwin when you next listen to some loud music.
  • The Car Radio

    The Car Radio
    In 1933 plenty of things would happen, but one of those many things was the invention of the FM Car Radio. Although they were invented in the 30s, they wouldn't be put to use and mainstreamed until the 50s. The FM Car Radio was invented by Edwin Howards Armstrong. This product was the first thing that allowed music and radio channel entertainment, available in the car.
  • The Vocoder

    The Vocoder
    A long time ago, during WWII an item was created by Bell Labs to disrupt conversations between the current president and Winston Churchill. But after the war people found use for it. The Vocoder was the first invention that would be used to tamper with a singer's pitch. You could say it was the beginning of autotune.
  • Vinyl Record Players

    Vinyl Record Players
    A vinyl record player is an object for listening to music that was used in the 1950s until being rivaled by cassette players, in the early 60's. They used these records that would spin, so the hand on the player could read the record and play the music.
  • Cassette Player

    Cassette Player
    A cassette player was an object for playing music. This item was invented 1962 and blew up in 1965. Many brands tried to hop on this music train such as Phillips in Belgium. This product eventually became obsolete when the CD was invented.
  • CD's

    The CD or the Compact Disk is a small and compact circle like object that was used for playing music. This small product took over the music staple, and fast. Once these were mainstreamed, cassette players and vinyl were almost extinct. This product was invented in 1979, went mainstream in 1982, and went obsolete in the 2000's
  • The MP3

    The MP3
    The MP3 is a device that was used for listening to your favourite songs in the two thousands, but over time has became obsolete due to new products hitting the market every year. The MP3 Player allowed you to play MP3's and listen to the music on the MP3 while being mobile and compact. This amazing device was invented by the German engineer Karlheinz Bradenburg.
  • IPod

    This was yet another big milestone for music, but it was also the start of the Iproduct chain, which includes items like the iPhone, iPad, and the MacBook which are all widely used products today. The iPod is the wonderous product invented by the great Steve Jobs in the year 2001, was an item used for listening to the newest hits while being even more compact and having some extra features.
  • SoundCloud

    The first platform for posting your own songs and reaching out for the fame most desire. Introducing Soundcloud. An app that allows anyone to post any kind of music. This one app is where a lot of careers started such as Post Malone and Lizzo.