Noam Chomsky 12/7/1928-

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  • Synatactic Structures

    Synatactic Structures
    This book crated out of lecture notes, was written to create a "formalized theory of linguistic structure". Even though it contained extreme ideas it was widely accepted by the community. later it was scrutinized for holes in the theory.
  • Ninth International Congress of Linguists

    Chomsky was nominated as the Plenary speaker for the 9th International Congress of Linguistics. This is an internal achievement decided by his peers.He was one of only handful that year.
  • Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences

    Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences
    "The Theory of Generative Grammer" gave birth to cognitive science. He push the notion that language was it just a learned behavior, there was a neurological affect. This award was a symbol of the revolution that was occurring in linguistics.
  • Benjamin Franklin Medal

    Benjamin Franklin Medal
    "for his contributions to the world of linguistics and their effects on computer science, and insight into human thought process." - Franklin Institute. His breakthroughs, or a huge advancement in computer languages. He created an entire hierarchy for computer-based languages and their grammar. The levels ranged from 0-3 and effectively categorized them.