Noam Chomsky, December 07, 1928

  • Syntactic Structures

    Syntactic Structures
    Chomsky's first major work, Syntactic Structures was a groundbreaking view of how we perceive language and the value of syntax (the structure of a sentence), and how it differs from semantics (the study of meaning). It heavily influenced the future of researching not only the human brain, but the development of computers and other "thinking software". Chomsky's work on Syntactic Structures led to a paradigm shift in the study of linguistics and cognitive science which is still valid today.
  • Aspects in the Theory of Syntax

    Aspects in the Theory of Syntax
    In one of Chomsky's most significant contributions to science, Aspects in the Theory of Syntax brought monumental change to the linguistics community thanks to the onset of generative grammar. The theory of generative grammar states that humans are born with an innate knowledge of language and that said knowledge guides our use of grammar. While various issues have been discovered with Chomsky's initial theory of transformative generative grammar, aspects of his theory are still used today.
  • The Responsibility of Intellectuals

    The Responsibility of Intellectuals
    One of Chomsky's first major political works, The Responsibility of Intellectuals was a major piece of anti-war literature during the Vietnam War. Noam's writing (at a time where the validity of the war was already questionable) challenged sociologists and the elite who were attempting to justify the various atrocities committed by the US government in order to oppose communism in Vietnam. This work ultimately propelled Chomsky as a leading scientific political speaker and philosopher.
  • Co-Wrote Manufacturing Consent

    Co-Wrote Manufacturing Consent
    Written by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky, Manufacturing Consent would be made into a documentary with a focus on Chomsky's career and prior works in 1992. In Manufacturing Consent, the authors address the massive spread of propaganda and its effect on the public's consent, thus the name. Herman and Chomsky effectively describe the propaganda model in five major pieces including profit orientation, subsidies to mass media, and anti-communism, which has been replaced by the War on Terror.
  • Major Works and Educational Video

    Major Works and Educational Video
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