Night Timeline

Timeline created by Jacquelyn_Hammond
  • Jews were expelled

    Jews were expelled from the sighet
  • Moshie

    Moshie the Beadle escapes
  • What happend to moshie

    Moshie tells the jews what happend to him and the othe foreign Jews.
  • Kabblah

    Elie asks his dad for a master in Kabblah
  • Nazis

    The Nazis take away Valuables and close the synagouge
  • Ghettos

    Hungarian police put up ghettos
  • Cattle cars

    Elie gets put with the last group into a cattle car
  • Auschwitz

    Elie is deported to Aushwitz
  • Madam Schachter

    3rd night on the cattle cars a crazy woman named Madam Schachter starts screaming and talking about a fire.
  • Arrive at Auschwitz

    Elie and the Jews finally reach Auschwitz
  • Selection

    Elie and his dad pass selection
  • Tattooed

    The Jews had to strip and run naked and they were tattooed
  • seperate family

    Elie says goodbye to his mother and sister
  • beatings

    Elie and his dad recieve beatings
  • Franek and Elies dad

    Franek beats Elies dad because Elie wont give him his gool tooth
  • Gold crown

    Franek takes Elies gold crown
  • 25 lashes

    Elie walks in on Idek and and a Polish girl so he recieves 25 lashes
  • Buna

    Buna gets Air raided
  • Rosh hashonah

    End of summer beginning of Rosh Hashonah
  • Gleiwitz

    Jews arrive at Gleiwitz
  • Hangings

    Elie witnesses several hangings, he witnessed the hanging of a young boy named Pipel
  • Surgery

    Elie has surgery on his foot
  • Zalman

    Zalman trampled to death during evacuation of Buna
  • Rabbi Eliahou

    Rabbi Eliahou loses his son
  • Back to the cattle cars

    Jews get back into cattle cars for a new camp
  • escaped death

    Elies father almost gets thrown out of the cattle car for appearing dead but Elie manages to wake him up.
  • Buchenwald

    Jews arrive at Buchenwald
  • Death of Elies father

    Elies father dies
  • Evacuation

    Jews start evacuating Jews
  • Freedom

    American tanks free the Jews