night timeline

  • elie is twelve years old

    Eliezer finds a teacher in Moshe the Beadle, a poor person. Soon, however, the Hungarians expel all foreign Jews, including Moshe. After several months, having escaped his captors, Moshe returns and tells how the deportation trains were handed over to the Gestapo
  • Period: to

    night timeline

  • elie moved to ghetto

    In the spring of 1944, A series of increasingly oppressive measures are forced on the Jews—the community leaders are arrested, Jewish valuables are confiscated, and all Jews are forced to wear yellow stars. Eventually, the Jews are confined to small ghetto
  • ellie leaves the ghetto and heads to aushwitz

    The Nazis then begin to deport the Jews, and Eliezer’s family is among the last to leave Sighet. They watch as other Jews are crowded into the streets in the hot sun, carrying only what fits in packs on their backs. Eliezer’s family is first herded into another, smaller ghetto. Their former servant, a gentile named Martha, visits them and offers to hide them in her village. Tragically, they decline the offer. A few days later, the Nazis and their henchmen, the Hungarian police, her
  • ellie arrives at aushwitz

    Packed into cattle cars, the Jews are tormented by nearly unbearable conditions. There is almost no air to breathe, the heat is intense, there is no room to sit, and everyone is hungry and thirsty.
  • ellie at birkenau

    They are told that they have arrived at a labor camp where they will be treated well and kept together as families. This news comes as a relief, and the prisoners let themselves believe, again, that all will be well. With nightfall,. The train moves slowly and at midnight passes into an area enclosed by barbed wire. Through the windows, everybody sees the chimneys of vast furnaces. they arrived at birkenau
  • selection occurs