Night Timeline

Timeline created by lyndseypatton13
  • Elie's Hometown

    The first part of the stroy, Elie is at his hometown. He is explaining his religous standpoint and where he would like to end up religiously.
  • Invaded, and Taken Away

    Elie watched his friends and family that surround his house, be evacuated, invaded, and taken away.
  • Period: to

    Elie's experiences

  • Arrival

    Elie goes through a long journey and arrives at the consentration camp. He says his goodbyes to his mother and sisters. Him and his father stay the night at Birkenau.
  • The nest move.

    They move to the next camp, Buna. Their job was working in a ware house.
  • The Gold Tooth

    The Nazis are after Elie's gold tooth. They beat his father until he agrees to give it to them. They pull his tooth out with a rusty spoon.
  • Moving to the new camps.

    The Jews were forced to run to new camps. They suffered fatigue and frost bite.
  • the violin

    The Rabbi was searching for his son, Elie is forgot what had happened to him, but shortly remembered after he left. It was insinuated at that he died. Elie thought he heard a violin.
  • The death

    His father dies of dysentery, starvation and exhaustion. He was hit over the head with a truncheon and dies in the morning. Elie had no family to go home to. In his biography, he becomes an orphan with 400 other children, then moves to New York.