• Elizar introduction

    Elie at the time is 13 years old and he is very religious that when he prays he cries which his father question his crying. He talks about the day foreign Jews were expelled from Sighet and Moishe was one of them but he got lucky and was able to escape.
  • Elizar and Moishe

    Moishe a poor man in Sighet talked with Elie about Kabbalah and the Zohar. Moishe at this time is still religious untill the day he was taken away.
  • Moishe's experience at the camps

    Moishe tells Elie that the Jews were on a train heading towards the Hungarian border lines. Once they had reached Polish territory they were thrown into trucks that lead them into a forest. Then they were ordered to dig trenches for their deaths. The Gestapo started shooting their prisoners, Mioshe staged his death and was able to escape. He was no longer the same person, he desperatly tried to warn the other Jews but failed
  • Life back to normal in Sighet

    The Jews ignored Moishe's warnings and went back to their daily lives. The media was keeping them optimistic about the war coming to an end and no danger coming to them. Elie depicts his daily life how everyone is not worried about the danger that might be coming.
  • Optimisim spread throughout Sighet

    The people of Sighet recived the news that Germany would be defeated in a number of days or months. The Jews had no concern that Hitler's army would reach them they refused to get emigration certificates.
  • The Optimisim growing insted of dying

    News has come that the German troops crossed through the Hungarian borders. News of terror is brought to them about the Fascists attacks and how these situations are more serious then they had predicted. After all the the deadly warnings the Jews of Sighet continue to be optimistic of the German army never going to reach them,
  • The Germans have arrived

    After all the warnings and stories of the attacks on Jews then German army has arrived in Sighet. The Germans don't attack nor arrest the Jews right away they just settle in which causes the Jews to think they will do no harm to them. They are still optimistic that they are not going to be anguished by the Germans.
  • Passover

    Passover had begun and the Jews celebrated in private homes they didn't want to provoke the Germans. On the 7th day of Passover the Germans started taking action and prohibited the Jewish to leave their homes. Then the Hungarian police took all their valuables away.
  • The yellow star

    The Jews were now ordered to wear a yellow star. Elie's father was still acting optimistic over the situation. Soon other edicts were being granted that hurt the Jews. Then the Germans built the ghettos for the Jews.
  • Bad Misfortune bourgeoning

    The Jews are moved into the ghettos and have many restrictions.People are gathered in a courtyard and Stren comes looking for Elie's dad, he brings bad news. The men hurry to a council meeting and once they return people are frantic to know the bad news that awaits them. But no one knows what the news is excpet for the Jewish president. Rumors start that they will be relocated so they must be packed for any sudden move.
  • Help

    During the night a Hungarian police that was Elie's father friend had come to try to warn them of the danger that was going to aproach them but they answered the knock too late and recieved no warning. Elie went to wake up his father's friend and prepare him for the journey. Women were packing foods and clothes for their journey.
  • The new ghetto

    The Wiesel family was not deported right awawy they would be taken away the following day. They were called for roll call once again and they were made to march. Elie saw his father cry for the first time and Elie began to hate them. They arrived at their new temporary ghetto home.
  • The Journey has begun

    The relocation of the Jews has begun the police came to gather them and make sure they didn't escape. Then they took roll call and kept them waiting out in the hot sun what seemed like eternity. People were dying of thirst and Elie and his sister brought them water. They were able to leave at one o'clock but Elie's family stayed as it was not their turn to leave yet.
  • Help came but was rejected

    While at the new ghetto Maria their maid went to the Wiesel family and begged them to come to her village to a safe haven she had prepared for them. Elie's father refued to go he told Elie and his sister that they could go if they want but they didn't want to be seperated from their family.
  • Leaving to their deaths

    The family finally was being taken to their unknown location. They were gathered at dawn to leave at a train station. They were put into cattle carts and given pieces of bread and pails of water.
  • The cattle carts

    There was very little room in the carts so people took turn stting down and watched the portions of food so they wouldn't run out. Mrs. Schachter seemed very lunitic becasue she was screaming that there was a fire constantly. She was attacked by the other Jews so she could keep quiet. They finally knew where they were going Auschwitz. They saw flames at the distance and were taken out of the train at arraived in Birkenau.
  • Categorized

    The Jews were seperated in two lines, men and women. This was the last time Elie saw his mother and sister ever again Elie stayed wiht his father and was told to lie about his age as well as his father when they were questioned. Elie and his father think they are going to the crematoria an Elie suggest that he will kill himself first. EIle is also begining to lose his faith in his religion.
  • The first night at the camp

    Elie describes his frist night at the camp with hate. His father and him stayed at a Barrack where he describes crazy men were shouting. Then they had to strip off their clothes and SS officers were looking for strong men to work at the crematoria.
  • Running

    THe Jews were ordered to run to different area. In one area an officer informed them there location and told them that if they don't work then they will die. Kapos arrived and orgainzed people with professions to one side. Elie's father got beat for asking a Gypsy where the toilets were, Elie froze from fear and later resent himself for not standing up for his father.
  • A-7713

    Elie and the rest of the Jews are orded to march and run for what seemed like eternity. Later after they washed up Elie was given his new name "A-7713". During roll call a man was looking for Elie's father he was related to them. His name was Stein and he was hoping they had any news from his wife and children. But Elie had guessed that they were dead because they haven't gotten any letter from them and EIie lies to Stein saying his family is safe and alive.
  • What is God?

    The Jews talk about God in the evenings of the punishment he was giving to the Jewish. Some believed that he was testing their faith towards him. Elie and his father begin to wonder where Eile's mother is now. Elie's father says she is alive and working in a labor camp but they both know those are lies and words of comfort.
  • Buna

    Elie and his father are moved into a new camp they were checked up by a doctor and within three days they will begin to work.
  • Marching to the Orchestra

    Elie was chosen by the Kapo and they were ordered to marchto the music. Most of the musicians were Jews and explained that they were going to work at an electric warehouse.Elie was warned about the angry Kapo Idek to stay out of his way.Elie worked close to his father and was lucky that the people in charge were not cruel except for Idek.
  • Tooth problems

    Elie was sent to the dentist to get his gold tooth removed. He staged that he was sick so the doctor postponed it but the dentist shop was shutdown and the doctor was thrown into prison. Elie got in Idek's way and started beating him up furiously. The french girl that worked beside him came to his side to console him. Later in the future they both met again and he learns she was really Jewish but had false paper.
  • Franek

    Franek later noticed Elie's gold tooth and wanted it. He had turned into a greedy person because he threatened Elie if he didn't reacie Elie's gold tooth. Franek hurt Elie's dad because he would order him to march but his father couldn't perform the task. Franek continued torturing Elie's father until Elie gave in.
  • Idek

    Elie's Kommando had the day off but Idek still commanded them to go. Elie later saw him fidiling with a young Polish girl. Elie laughed at the trouble he went to jus to get with the girl. Idek later seeked his revenge towards Elie by whipping him infront of all the campers 22 times.
  • The bombings

    On a Sunday there was a warning of bombs hitting the camp so everyone went inside the blocks. A man was sneaking towards the cauldrons but was later shot by a SS soilder. The bombs didn't scare the Jews it filled them with joy and reasurrance. Later everyone came out of the blocks and were cheerfully cleaning up the ruins.
  • Two deaths

    A strong man was sentenced to be hanged because he stole during the raidar. Everyone was forced to come up and see him to make him an example of what the officers will do to them when they disobey their orders. Elie wasn't affeceted by this death because he had gotten used to them. Then they later sentenced a young boy to death Elie felt bad for him and wished it was going to happen. Everyone felt sympathy for the young boy.
  • The New Year

    The year was coming to an end and Elie mentions God and he is furious with him for allowing the Jews to suffer. People were wishing each other a Happy New year and it made Elie mad. Elie amd his father didn't wish each other a Happy New year just let silence pass on. The officer started selections as the New Year.
  • Selections

    Elie was worried but he was told that must run as fast to show them he is strong and not weak.Also he must not show any sign of fear towards them. Elie passed his test because he was running very fast and was very jubilant. Elie's father also passed his selections .A few days later Elie's father was ordered to stay at the camp along with the other campers who didn't pass the selcetion.
  • Winter has hit

    Winter has arived and they had to work in the freezing cold. Elie's right foot has swelled up due to the cold.He had to be operated. While there his roommate a Hungarian Jew was suffering and says he has more faith in Hitler than in God.The operation was a sucess and had to rest for two weeks.
  • Rumors

    There was rumors circiling around the camp that the Red army was coming. Later in the day they were told that they were going to evacuate inland of Germany.Elie has decided to leave the infirmarine and leave with the rest of the Jews. They later learned that the Jews who stayed at the infirmary were liberated.
  • The march through the snow

    They were given many supplies to keep their warmth and extra portions of foods.Later in the afternoon they made their way to the new camp through the cold winter marching contiously.
  • Gleiwitz

    They started to run again to Gleiwitz and when they arrived they were put into a bararack. All the Jews were squashed that they were crushing each other to death. he saw a violinest Juliek who played at the Buna orchestra he was being squashed to his death.Elie found his father then heard a violin beign played in the distant but he later found him dead next to his violin.
  • Don't stop running

    Elie and the rest of the Jews were running and if they stopped they would be killed. Not by the officers but by all the jews that were running. After running twenty kilometers they stopped at an abandoned village. Elie and his father went to a brick factory to rest. But Elie didn't sleep and then an old amn had walked in looking for his son and Elie didn't mention that he didn't make it through the run.
  • No food or water

    Th three days that they spent at Gleiwitz they reacived no food nor water.They weren't allowed to leave the barracks they didn't have faith that the Russian would arrive and save them.They were allowed out of the barracks and where lined up for selection. Elie's father was sent t the left wiht the weaklings. But his father had mangaed to escape from the group. Then they were shovedinto cattle cars.
  • Cattle cars

    Elie's father was resting and when Elie called out his name he wouldn't respond. The SS officers were throwing out the dead and Elie yelled at his father and hit him to wake him up. But he wouldn't wake up until he opened his eyes half way. They reacived no food while on the trains.
  • Kill for bread

    While they passed through a town people threw bread at their wagon and the Jews fought to the death for it. A son attacked his father because he was eating a pieice of brread and was not going to share with him. The son killed his father the the other men killed the son.
  • Meir Katz

    Meir Katz was Elie's fathers friend and told his father that he was becoming weak and he could no longer continue through their journey of death. Elie's father encouraged him to keep going but Meir broke down to tears which meant he had came to an end. They finally arriaved at Buchebwald.
  • Death aprroching Elie's father

    They were ordered to get into ranks and were being sent to take a hot showe. Elie's father couldn't go on any farther he just wanted to drop to the floor. Elie was trying to get him to keep going but he was too tired to move on. The alarmed sounded and the Jews were sent into the blocks. The next morning Elie alarming went ot go look for his father feeling ashamed that he abandoned him.
  • Elie's father

    Elie found his father and bought him coffee but took a chug out of it and gave him the rest. ELie's father recived no food so Elie gave him a portion of his but greedily.His father was growing weaker and Elie decied to stay by him. he asked the doctoe what he could for him but the doctor didn't care which made Elie furious. Elie's father got beat by his cot neighbors and took his food.
  • R.I.P Mr. Wiesel

    Elie was told to stop trying to save his father it was usless and that he should be concentrated on saving himself. Elie's father was seeking water because he felt like he was burning in the insides. While they were asleep Elie didn't do anything but stare at his father and went to sleep. When Elie woke up there was another man under Elie's cot. He didn't cry but he felt liberted.
  • Liberated

    They were going to be evacuated from the camp but then they were attacked by the Americans.The Jews were now free men they ate and slept with girls but they didn't think of revenge at the moment. Elei later became very sick but got better and saw his reflection for the first time in a year.