• Birth

    Elie Wiesel is born in Transylvania, Romania
  • Period: to


  • Moshe

    Elie meets Moshe the Beadle
  • Moshe escapes

    Moshe escapes the Nazies and warns the Jews about the cruelty that is to come.
  • quarantine

    Nazies confiscate Jewish family's valuables, make them wear the yellow star of david, and ban them from the public
  • small ghetto

    Elie's family moves to the small ghetto
  • Wiesels leave

    Elie's family leaves there town and aboard a railway car.
  • Reach Birkenau

    Elie reaches Birkenau, Guards send Elie and his father to Auschwitz. The last time he sees his mother and sister. Elie and his father march to Buna. Elie is tattooed A-7713.
  • infirmary

    Elie goes to the infirmary for his foot. Elie and his father run to Gleiwitz, where they ride in cattle cars for 10 days to Buchenwald.
  • liberation

    Auschwitz is liberated
  • death

    Elie's father dies
  • Period: to


    Elie had no thought of remorse or really any thoughts at all, except for food.
  • freedom

    Elie is set free by U.S. troops