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Niels Bohr

  • The Birth of Niels Bohr

    The Birth of Niels Bohr
    Niels Henrik David Bohr was born on October 7th 1885 in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Bohr Atomic Model

    Bohr Atomic Model
    Bohr's first contribution to the scientific community of quantum Physics started during his postdoctoral research with Ernest Rutherford. Rutherford believed that atoms consisted of a heavy positivity charged nucleus with a substantially lighter Negatively charged Electrons circling. Bohr felt compelled to postulate Rutherfords theory and wrote a substantive trilogy of articles to show according to classic physics, such a system would be unstable.
  • Nobel Piece Prize

    Nobel Piece Prize
    For Bohr's trilogy' that was published in Philosophical Magazine, he was awarded the Noble Peace Prize. The trilogy included, On the Constitution of Atoms and Molecules: Parts I, II, III. He also made a new scheme building up the periodic table by adding electrons one after another to the atom in accordance with his atomic model. Niels Bohr – Biographical. NobelPrize.org. Nobel Prize Outreach AB 2022. Fri. 24 Jun 2022. https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/physics/1922/bohr/biographical/
  • Order of the Elephant

    Order of the Elephant
    Once WW2 ended, Bohr returned to Copenhagen on August 25th, 1945 and was re-elected as president of the Royal Danish Academy of Arts and Sciences. King Frederick IX announced the conferring of the Order of the Elephant on Bohr. Aaserud, Finn. “Niels Bohr.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., https://www.britannica.com/biography/Niels-Bohr.
  • Death of Niels Bohr

    Death of Niels Bohr
    Bohr died of heart failure at his home in Carlsberg.
  • The Genius of Niels Bohr