Niels Bohr

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    Bellow are the birth and death dates of Niels Bohr
  • Bohrs Atomic Model

    "Bohr thought that electrons could only occupy particular orbits determined by the quantum of action and that electromagnetic radiation from an atom occurred only when an electron jumped to a lower energy orbit" (Britannic)
  • Atomic Theory

    Chief among Niels Bohr's contributions to science included his work on atomic theory. Niels Bohr also contributed to the work of the quantum concept as it relates to the atomic and molecular structure. In 1922 Niels won a Nobel Prize for Physics. Niels focused on the structure of the atom and its surrounding parts.
  • Major Works

    Included in his work were the three books as follows: The Theory of Spectra and Atomic Constitution, Atomic Theory and the Description of Nature, and The Unity of Knowledge.
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