New Inventions from1997-2012

By Amidog
  • Netflix was established

    Netflix was created to make it easier to get movies.
  • Hybrid cars

    Hybrid car s are a more effecient way to drive because you can use gas, or electricity for your engine.
  • Moonshoes

    Moonshoes are an exciting toy for children which go on their feet and make them bounce.
  • Xbox

    Xbox is a gaming system that is very popular.
  • iPod

    The iPod is a good handheld device that holds all of your music which you can listen to.
  • Artificial heart and liver

    Artificial hearts and livers save lives every day for people who's hearts or livers might fale.
  • facebook

    Facebook is a social website meant to keep people from high school and college in touch with eachother.
  • Macbook

    The Macbook is a laptop made by apple which is a very good computer company.
  • iPhone

    The Iphone is a smartphone that is very popular for all of the aspects of it.
  • wifi

    Wifi is internet for wireless devices