New France

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  • Peace Treaty at Utrecht

    The Peace Treaty at Utrecht was a series of documents signed by Britain and France to end the War of the Spanish Succession. It was signed in Utrecht, a city in Holland near Amsterdam. In the Peace Treaty, it confirms Britain's possession of Hudson's Bay, Newfoundland, and Acadia.
  • The Loss of Acadia

    In 1713, as a result of the Treaty of Utrecht, Acadia was given to Britain by France. France got an island in Guadeloupe in return. Britain was set to prosper by owning Acadia since the region was the gate that led to Canada and therefore the rights to the natural resources and trading opportunities of the country.
  • The Expulsion of the Acadians

    The Expulsion of the Acadians happened during the Seven Years' War (1755-1763). Britain came to Acadia and deported a large amount of Acadians to other British colonies. Britain did this because the Acadians, who were increasingly frustrated were beginning to revolt against British rule and the British were scared that Acadia would gather up an army and fight with France against Britain in future wars.
  • The Seven Years' War

    The Seven Years' War was the first global war. The war started because Britain wanted to rule Canada but France already did. Britain's allies included Prussia and Hanover while France gathered up Austria, Sweden, Saxony, Russia and Spain to fight on their side. The war lasted from 1756-1763.
  • The Battle of the Plains of Abraham

    The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was a pivotal battle which took place on September 13, 1759 just outside the walls of Quebec on land that was owned by a farmer named Abraham Martin. The battle was a culmination of a three month build up between the British troops led by General Wolfe and the French led by the Marquis de Montcalm. The battle took place to finish up the Seven Years' War. Britain triumphed but both battle leaders lost their lives.
  • The Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris was a document signed by the kingdoms of France, Great Britain, Spain, and with Portugal in agreement on Februrary 10, 1763. It was signed to formally end the Seven Years' War and officially started new British colonies outside of Europe.