Nestlé´s Story

Timeline created by Nadia Robles
  • "The early years"

    Henri Nestlé created a revolutionary children's food and, in 1905, the company he had founded merged with the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company to form what is now known as the Nestlé Group.
  • "Brothers Charles and George Page"

    They contribute to the founding of the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. Taking advantage of the abundant production of fresh milk in Switzerland, they begin distributing their product in European industrial cities under the Milkmaid brand, commercializing it as a safe and enduring alternative to fresh milk.
  • "Nestlé founder Henri Nestlé launches his "farine lactée" in Vevey, Switzerland."

    Created by Nestlé to be consumed by babies who couldn't breastfeed, it combines cow's milk, wheat flour and sugar to curb the high infant mortality rate. At this time, the now iconic "nest" logo begins to be used.
  • "First relevant milestone in Nestlé's history in Spain: the first import of Nestlé Lacteada Flour"

    Sales had reached remote overseas markets and amounted to half a million cans a year. By then Henri Nestlé was close to his 60s and began looking for a buyer for his business.
  • "Factory Delivery"

    Nestlé signed the document transferring the factory, the product patent, the name and emblem of the nest - which he had created inspired by the German meaning of his own surname - to three Vevey businessmen: Jules Monnerat, Pierre-Samuel Roussy and Gustave Marquis. They hire chemists and skilled workers to help expand production and sales.
  • Period: to

    Marketing beginnings

    1928: Nestlé manufactures chocolates with peter, Cailler and Kholer brands 1929: Nestlé chocolates are born 1944: Nestlé makes history and puts for sale the first Pelargón children's milk, which would later mark an era
  • Period: to

    "First productions on the market"

    1954: Production begins on the first bottle of the most classic soluble coffee, Nescafé.
    1962: Nestlé launches Milkibar white chocolate.
    1963: Manufacture of culinary products; Maggi brands and Camy Ice Creams are born. In addition, Nesquik is launched.
    1966: Nestlé enters the hospitality sector with the Food Services line. Chocolate launch Nestlé Extrafino.
    1970: Nestlé Jars appear on the market, processed by enzymatic hydrolysation.
    1979: Nestlé enters roasted coffee market with Bonka.
  • Period: to

    "First Innovations"

    1984: Nestlé gains presence at breakfast with Nestlé Cereals. 1985: Nestlé incorporates Solís tomato sauces, Littoral recipes and Friskies pet food. 1988: Nestlé incorporates Buitoni products (fresh pastas and sauces) and Perugina (chocolates). 1992: Nestlé enters Spanish bottled water market. 1995: Nestlé changes its name: from now on it will be called Nestlé España, S.A. It also incorporates Miko and Avidesa into the range of ice creams, buying these brands from the Conelsa group
  • "Entrance to the Modern World"

    Nestlé enters the world of clinical nutrition with a range of products designed to meet specific feeding requirements. That same year, he reaffirmed his innovative will by redesigning the image of La Lechera condensed milk with "Serve Easy", a practical new packaging.
  • "New Product"

    Launch of Nescafé Dolce Gusto, which takes the coffee shop concept home.
  • "New Factory"

    Nestlé invests in a new factory in Girona for the production of Dolce Gusto, acquires Novartis, which places the company as a leader in the Clinical Nutrition market and produces the launch of Naturnes, the new generation of children's food.
  • "Appearance on Television"

    Nestlé TV is presented, the first online television launched by a food and beverage company in our country, and La Lechera, one of Nestlé's most emblematic brands, celebrates its centenary.
  • "Beginnings in the Personalized Gift"

    Nestlé enters the personalized gift business with "Tell it with chocolate", a pioneering initiative in Spain, part of the plan to develop new business models.
  • "First Celebration"

    Nescafé Instant Soluble Coffee Turns 75 and Nesquik Soluble Cocoa Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary.