Nelson Mandela-From Prison to Presdient

  • Birth of Nelson Mandela

    Birth of Nelson Mandela
    Nelson Mandela ws born in Mvezo, South Africa to Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa and Nosekeni Fanny. His birth name was Rolihlahla which means trouble maker. His teacher gave him the english name Nelson.
  • School

    When Mandela was 9 his father died and he started attending a Weslyean Mission school that was by the house of the regent caring for him
  • College

    Moves to Healdtown attending the Wesleyan college in Fort Beaufort. Fort Hare University: Studied for a B.A. and met his lifelong friend Oliver Tambo
  • Kicked out of School

    Kicked out of School
    Asked to leave Fort Hare due to his actions in a boycott of the Students' Representative Council against the university policies
  • Joining the ANC

    Joins the African National Congress (ANC) as an activist
  • Multiple Accomplishments

    Forms the Youth League of the ANC with Oliver Tambo and Walter Sislu.
    Marries his first wife Evelyn Ntoko Mase. They had three children but the marriage ends in 1957
  • Opens a Law Firm

    Opens a Law Firm
    Opens the first black legal firm in South Africa with fellow lawyer Oliver Tambo providing free or low-cost legal counsel to many blacks who would otherwise have been without legal representation.
  • Treason???

    Mandela and 155 other political activists are charged with treason. The Riviona Trial followed until 1956 when all were acquitted
  • Competition

    Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) is formed and the ANC loses many members and financial support to the group
  • Imprisoned

    Nelson Mandela was captured and im prisoned after living on the run for almost a year and a half because he tried to get rid of the apartheid in the south. He was imprison at Johannesburg Fort.
  • On the run again

    On the run again
    sentenced to 5 years in prison but goes on the run
  • Sentencing

    Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment
  • Free at last

    Nelson Mandela was released from prison when they release the ban on all ANC organizations.
  • Nobel Peace Prize

    Nobel Peace Prize
    Nelson Mandela and Mr de Klerk are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Elections

    Free Elections where black South Africans are allowed to vote forthe first time. Nelson Mandela runs for President The ANC won 252 of the 400 seats in the national assembly
  • Inaguration

    Nelson Mandela becomes president of South Africa. He is the first black president of South Africa. De Klerk is appointed as Deputy President and the racially mixed Government of National Unity is formed.
  • Lost Presdiency

    Nelson Mandela lost the presidential election to Thabo Mbeki. Mbeki was Mandela's first deputy during his presidency.
  • Honoring him with his own day

    The United Nations General Assembly declares July 18 Mandela Day as a tribute to his contribution to world freedom.
  • Getting Sick

    Nelson Mandela was diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer with radiation