Nelson Mandela

  • Umtata, Transkei

    Umtata, Transkei
    he was born on Umtata Transkei
  • lost

    his father lost everything
  • died

    his father died in Umtata ,Transkey
  • degree law

    degree law
    he got a degree law
  • first Marriage

    first Marriage
    the first time whith Evelin
  • belonged

    he belonged to the ANC youth league
  • legal firm in South Africa

    legal firm in  South Africa
    he opened the first blacks legal firm in South Africa
  • Second marriage

    Second marriage
    the second time with Winnie
  • caught and imprisoned

    caught and imprisoned
    he was caught and imprisoned , he has was sentenced to life imprisonment
  • his mother died

    his mother died
  • released

  • ANC president

    ANC president
    he was president of ANC
  • nobel peace

     nobel peace
  • first vote

    first vote
  • fundation Mandela

    fundation Mandela
  • movie

  • Third marriage

    Third marriage
    The third time with Graca
  • stepped down to presi

    stepped down to presi
  • AIDS

  • sick

  • outside the public

    outside the public