nechanda windows

  • creation of microsoft windows

    in 1975, Bill Gates and Paul allen introduced the new operating system named microsoft windows
  • new owner/ worker

    Gates and Allen hired Gates former Harvard classmate, Steve Ballmer, to help run the company.
  • MS-DOS was created

    a month after hiring Steve Ballmer they created MS-DOS. MS-DOS stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System. .The software that manages, or runs, the computer hardware and also serves to bridge the gap between the computer hardware and programs, such as a word processor.
  • shipping of MS-DOS

    MS-DOS was shipped in 1981. it introuduced a new language to the people. it became a daily work tool.
  • Announcement

    Windows was announced in 1983.
  • windows got shipped

    On November 20, 1985, two years after the initial announcement, Microsoft ships Windows 1.0. Instead typing MS‑DOS commands, you just move a mouse to point and click your way through screens, or “windows.”
  • windows 2.0

    microsoft released windows 2.0 . It hads more memory and desktop icons. It had many shortcuts to it and many different windows were able to open at a time.
  • windows 3.0

    microsoft announces 3.0
  • microsoft 3.1

    microsoft introduced 3.1 shortly after 3.0.. Together 3.0 ans 3.1 sold 10 million copies in their first two years. it a strategic business platform that supports high-end engineering and scientific programs.
  • Microsoft NT was created and released

    "Windows NT represents nothing less than a fundamental change in the way that companies can address their business computing requirements."
  • Internet Explorer

    in 1195 the first version of internet explorer was release.
  • release of windows 95

    On August 24, 1995, Microsoft releases Windows 95, selling a record-setting 7 million copies in the first five weeks. It’s the most publicized launch Microsoft has ever taken on.
  • Windows 98

    Released on June 25, 1998, Windows 98 is the first version of Windows designed specifically for consumers.
  • Windows XP

    On October 25, 2001, Windows XP is released with a redesigned look and feel that's centered on usability and a unified Help and Support services center.
  • Windows Vista

    Windows Vista is released in 2006 with the strongest security system yet. User Account Control helps prevent potentially harmful software from making changes to your computer.
  • Windows 7

    When Windows 7 is released in October 2009, laptops are outselling desktop PCs and it’s common to get online at public wireless hotspots like coffee shops. Wireless networks can be created at the office or at home.