naturals disasters

  • Lisbon (tsunamis)

    Lisbon (tsunamis)
    killing about 70 000 people being but only being 20 feet tall
  • unzendake japan (volcano)

    unzendake japan (volcano)
    this volcano was famous for the destructive and fetal eruption
  • Tambora Indonesian (earthquake)

    Tambora Indonesian (earthquake)
    this volcano was record as the most powerful volcano killing 100 000 people
  • Krakatoa Indonesian (volcanoes)

    Krakatoa Indonesian (volcanoes)
    this was nit the most deadliest but it broke the record of the volcano that caused the most destruction
  • Mont pelee, Martinigue (volcanoes)

    Mont pelee, Martinigue (volcanoes)
    is is the deadliest volcanoes and was a stratovolcano
  • Ecuador (earthquake)

    Ecuador (earthquake)
    this earthquake was also rated 8.8 killing almost 700 people
  • Kamchatka (earthquake)

    Kamchatka (earthquake)
    this earthquake was rated a 9.0 and killed more than 2 thousand people
  • assam (earthquake)

    assam (earthquake)
    rated 8.6 and killed 1600 people
  • Valadivia (earthquake)

    Valadivia (earthquake)
    it was the deadliest earthquake to yet happen and it was rated 9.5
  • rat island (earthquake)

    rat island (earthquake)
    rated 8.7 but was not reasonable for any deaths
  • alaska (earthquake)

    alaska (earthquake)
    2nd biggest earthquake that was rated 9.2
  • Sumatra (earthquake)

    Sumatra (earthquake)
    This earthquake was rated 9.1 and it lasted 10 minutes
  • Sumatran (tsunamis)

    Sumatran (tsunamis)
    Sumatran was 167 feet, it killed 200 000 people
  • Chile (earthquake)

    Chile (earthquake)
    Chiles earthquake was rated a 8.8 and only lasted 3 minutes
  • tohoku (earthquake)

    tohoku (earthquake)
    this earthquake was also rated 9.1 and this one lasted 30 minutes
  • Tohoko (tsunamis)

    Tohoko (tsunamis)
    this tsunamis reached 132 feet and killing 19 759
  • indian (earthquake)

    indian (earthquake)
    also rated 8.6 and lasted 8-10 minutes