Nathaniel P

By SJRebel
  • Frank Loyd Wright's (Cultur/Architect)

    Frank Loyd Wright founded the Taliesin fellowship. He was a famous architect. He designed many buildings throughout the country.
  • Charles Drew

    African American physician that did blood research. He was appointed the first director of the Red Cross bank. Once assigned the assistant-director of the Red Cross blood procedure-ment for the national research council.
  • Martha Graham (Culture/Dance)

    Matha Graham was a proffessional dancer. She was dancing from 1947-1991. She passed away on April 1st 1991. She danced dances from multiple cultures.
  • J. Robert Oppenheimer (Scientificlly/ Bombs)

    J. Robert Oppenheimer created the first atomic bomb. The same type he created was dropped, twice, on Japan, ending WWII. His loyalty was questioned after creating of the bomb (date).
  • Ray Kroc (Economicly/ McDonald's)

    Ray Kroc was a succesful business man. He started the McDonald's franchise. His first chain was open on 4-15-1955. His business is still open today...
  • Maya Angeluo (Cultur/ Writing)

    Maya Angeluo grew up in egypt. She was an author. She wrote many poems, stories and books.
  • Henry Louis Gates Jr. (Cultural/ Professer)

    Henry Gates JR. was born in Kyser West Virginia. He is a well known author and professer. He studied at Yale and Cambridge.
  • Bill Gates (Economicly/Electronics)

    Bill Gates was a cofounder of Microsoft INC. From 1975-2000, Bill was the head executive chairman of Microsoft. He's still alive today.