Nathaniel Gorham

Timeline created by imaniword
  • Date of Birth

    Born in Charlestown, Massachusettes.
  • Education

    Nathaniel had a minimal education but attended public schools.
  • Occupation

    Nathaniel started his own amall business in Charlestown Massachusettes. He also was a politician.
  • Marriage

    Nathaniel married Rebecca Call in Charlestown Massachusettes who was a widow with nine children.
  • Revolutionary War

    Before, Nathaniel was with the republicans but during the war, he turned against them. Also, British troops destroyed most of his property but he managed to gain back most of his fortune.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Nathaniel did not sign the declaration of Independence.
  • Articles of Confederation

    Nathaniel did not sign the Articles of Confederation but was assembled as President.
  • Constitutional Convention

    Nathaniel served as a delegate to the Massachusettes Constitutional Convention.
  • Congress

    Chosen as a member of United States Congress
  • Chair of Congress

    Accepted the Chair of Congress upon the resignation of John Ramsey and the absence of President John Hancock.
  • Continental Congress

    Nathaniel was the President of the Continental Congress from June 6th until November 13th.
  • Annapolis Convention

    Nathaniel did not participate in the Annapolis Convention but this lead to a Constitutional Convention which he did attend and participate in.
  • Signed Constitutuion

    He signed the Constitution because he was a federalist.
  • Death