my wonderful timelines

  • Noble Order of the Knights of Labor

    Noble Order of the Knights of Labor
    -Organized by Philidelphia garment workers in 1869.-Opened to farmers, merchants and wage earners.- " Equal pay for equal work", Abolition of Child labor", 8 hour work day
  • LaBoR Day

    LaBoR Day
    it was created by the central labor union in boston on the 26th on aug in 1878, then in 1894 it became a federal holiday, ever since then it has been celebrated on every 5 of september.
  • American Federation of Labor ( AFL )

    American Federation of Labor ( AFL )
    -the AFL was organized in 1886
    -the AFL focused on better working conditions and better pay
    -craft oriented
  • haymarket square riot

    haymarket square riot
    in this event workers marched for 8hour day protests. anarchist were blamed for this strike. 8 police men were killed and about 100 injured, but the police finally ended the strike.
  • how the other half lives

    how the other half lives
    this book was written by Jacob.A Riis, this book was about the new york slums and how they were treated back then
  • homestead strike

    homestead strike
    the homestead strike was an industrial lockout/strike that began on june 30th 1892. this strike was one of the most serious disputes in US labor history. this dispute happened at homestead steel works in pittsburgh
  • pullman strike

    pullman strike
    during the pullman strike George M, Pullman owned the pullman company and controlled the rent. Pullman raised the rent but refused to give them higher wages. so the people who worked at pullman joined by thousands of other started a strike.
  • the coal strike

    the coal strike
    the people in this strike were the people of united mine workers of americain the Anthracite coal fields of eastern PA. this strike threatened to shut down all the winter fuel supply to to all major cities in the US. President Theodore Roosevelt suspended the strike but the srike never resumed.
  • the jungle

    the jungle
    this book was published in 1906 on the 28 of feb. this book is about upton sinclairs experiance when he went to the meat packin industry. sinclair wrote about how dead rats were shoveled into sausage grinding machines, and how diseased cow were slaughtered and sold as potted ham
  • The Bitter Cry For Children

    The Bitter Cry For Children
    the bitter cry for children is a book by Muckracker, Jhon Spargo. this book shows how hard these boys had to work. this book also shows how dirty and unsafe it was for these boys to work in
  • Pure Food Drug Act

    Pure Food Drug Act
    this Pure Food Drug Act made sure that the food we eat is clean clean. the pure food drug act forbade any company to sell, manufacture, or transport goods that werent approved.
  • Triangle Shirt Factory fire

    Triangle Shirt Factory fire
    this fire was one of the most deadliest disasters in NYC history. about 140 workers were killed in this fire. most vctims were italian, or jewish immigrants.
  • congress of industrial organization(CIO)

    congress of industrial organization(CIO)
    the CIO was originally part of the AFLuntil 1935. It Broke away because it advocated orginization along industrial lines rather than craft lines. after a couple years is joined with AFL again in 1955.
  • GM sitdown strike

    GM sitdown strike
    this strike took place in Flint ,Michigan. the people in this strike were the workers of general motors. this srike kept on getting bigger and bigger so the company bargained to end the strike.
  • national labor relations act

    national labor relations act
    this act got the right organize. this act also got the power to punish unfair labor practices. this act was considered pro labor
  • fair labor standard act

    fair labor standard act
    1938 Federal regulation of child labor achieved in this Act- For the first time, minimum ages of employment and hours of work for children were regulated by federal law.
  • steel strike

    steel strike
    this strike was by the united steel makers,this strike was scheduled on April 9, 1952, but was held up by president Truman. so In 1952, the Supreme Court determined the president did not have the authority to seize the steel mills
  • major leaugue baseball strike

    major leaugue baseball strike
    the 1972 babeball strike was the first players' strike in MLB history. this striked caused people to lose money miss important games. so in order for the teams to stop losing money they had to play the players 500,000.
  • The 2005 NYC Transit Strike

    The 2005 NYC Transit Strike
    this strike was called by the TWU in NYC.The strike lasted from 3:00 AM 12/10/2005- 12/22/2005. all transportation systems were fully operational by the 23 of dec in 2005.