My side of mountain

  • Sam gets scared and hungry

    Sam learns to make fire and a better fish hook
  • When Sam runs away[Exact date unknown]

    The book says "I left in May"
  • Sam gets to Delhi

  • Sam meets Miss Turner and finds Gribleys Farm

  • Sam sits and eats mussels, he also got apples out of a tree's crotch

  • Sam captures Frightful

    Sam wants to train Frightful
  • sam meets strawberry lady

  • Sam finishes his tree home

  • Sam finishes his bed

  • Sam digs a hole to catch a deer

  • Independence Day

  • Sam meets Bando

  • Sam's raft is almost done

  • baron weasel is moldy

  • First day of hunting season and Sam had his first steak

  • Sam get his first deer of hunting season and goes to Miss Turner

  • Sam's deer skin suit is done.

  • Sam starts the first chapter

    I could tell it was a flashback
  • christmas

  • Bando leaves

  • New years

  • The horned-owls have eggs

  • Sam climbed the Maple tree

  • Sam meets Matt Spell

  • Spring

    Sam said "I could tell you it was spring without looking"
  • Sam is no longer living off his storehouse

    He eats frog legs and stuff like that
  • Matt Spell is supposed to come bact to Sam

  • Bando went back to school

  • Photographers came to the woods

  • Sam's mom and dad found him

    Sam was thinking about runnig away again