My Reading Autobiography

  • Early Childhood Reading

    Early Childhood Reading
    My Dad would read together with me at night. I remember that we started doing this a couple years before I started Kindergarten. It was a very fun time. We borrowed a lot of different books from the Stow Public Library. Some of my favorite books to read were "Dogzilla," "Catzilla," "Amelia Bedelia," and the "Captain Underpants" series.
  • My First Scholastic Book Fair

    My First Scholastic Book Fair
    When I was in first grade I purchased my first book at the Scholastic Book Fair. The book was about the characters from the Disney movie "A Bug's Life". It was one of the first books that I read by myself.
  • Collections Books

    Collections Books
    My Dad and I also started to read different stories from our Collection of Fairy Tales and Christmas Stories books. These two books were part of our collection of books that we kept in our borwn basket. My Dad mostly read them to me because they were a little too advanced for my reading level at the time.
  • "Harry Potter" with my Dad

    "Harry Potter" with my Dad
    My Dad and I began reading "Harry Potter" together a couple months after we saw the first movie. This became a thing that my Dad and I did together. We continued to take turns reading the book together until I was in 6th grade. I started reading them on my own at this point.
  • Chapter Books

    Chapter Books
    During fourth grade my parents made a deal with me that I could stay up as late as I wanted as long as I was reading. I decided to read one of "The Adventures of the Baily School Kids" novels. I ended up staying up until I finished reading that novel. From that point on I discovered my own love for reading, and began reading a lot more chapter books on my own.
  • "Holes" with my Mom

    "Holes" with my Mom
    My Mom and I began reading "Holes" together every night during my fourth grade year. We wanted to finish it by the time the movie came out in April 2003. It was really fun for me getting to take turns reading the book with my Mom.
  • 6th Grade Reading

    6th Grade Reading
    In 6th Grade, I began reading three different series: "Warriors," "Gregor the Overlander, and "Pendragon." I got each of them as one of the freebees that Barnes and Noble gave out to students who turned in a book sheet of what they had read over the summer. These were some of my favorite series and I continued reading them throughout Middle School, and some of them into High School.
  • Manga Reading

    Manga Reading
    I began reading manga in 7th grade. My best friend introduced me to the genre. For Christmas that year I asked for the "Naruto" and the "Mar" series. From this point on, I became very interested in reading manga along with my other book series. I even began reading it online from different websites for free.
  • My First "Historic" Fiction Novel

    My First "Historic" Fiction Novel
    My favorite Social Studies mentioned the novel, "Gone with the Wind," in class. I thought it sounded like an interesting book, so I checked it out from the library and read it. Reading this novel was a huge accomplishment for me because it was one of the first "historic" fiction novels I read. It was also the first book that I had read that was over 1000 pages.
  • "Twilight"

    When I went back to visit my friends in Ohio during the summer going into my sophomore year, I was introduced to "Twilight." I could not put this book down. I finished "Twilight" before I had to leave Ohio. When I was back in Georgia, I bought the second book. These books began my love for supernatural teenage romance novels. I read other books in this genre, such as "Vampire Academy," "House of Night," "Vampire Kisses," and "Sookie Stackhouse."
  • AP Language Arts

    AP Language Arts
    We read different classic to popular novels in this class. Some of my favorites were "Frankenstein," "In Cold Blood," and "Dear John." "Frankenstein" was one of the hardest for me to read, but I wanted to complete the novel because I was interested in the topic of it.
  • "Fight Club"

    "Fight Club"
    During the Fall semester of my sophomore year, one of my guy friends told me I should read "Fight Club." He told me that a lot of guys liked to read it. I figured I would check it out because it would be something different from my ususal supernatural teen romance novels. I read it over my Christmas Break. I learned to appreciate this book for what it was, but I never read more novels of the same genre again.
  • Janet Evanovich Phase

    Janet Evanovich Phase
    My best friend's Mom introduced me to "One for the Money" by Janet Evanovich. I thought that these books were hilarious. I read a lot of these books while my family was traveling on vacation throughout the summer. I began to read other novels by Janet Evanovich besides her series on Stephanie Plum. I continued reading novels by her throughout High School.
  • New Testament

    New Testament
    One of the requirements for going on an international mission trip at my church was that each individual had to read the whole New Testament. I was really frustrated by this because this was the first time that they had specific requirements like these. I finished the New Testament by July 2010 when we went on the mission trip. I ended up really enjoying it sparked my interest to read more of the Bible.
  • Old Testament

    Old Testament
    When I came back from my international mission trip with my church, I felt convicted to read the rest of the Bible. I had been required to read the New Testament for the mission trip, but I wanted to read the Old Testament from my own convictions. I finished the Old Testament during my first year at college. I felt good about the fact that I read about the different ideas that I claimed to believe in.
  • AP Literature

    AP Literature
    I was in AP Literature during my Senior year of High School. This book heavily revolved around the theme of suicide. We also read other novels in that class that dealt with suicide, such as "A Streetcar Named Desire." The only book I truly enjoyed reading in that class was called "Alias Grace," which I read for a group project. This was one of my favorite academic novels. It was a very interesting murder mystery that twisted fiction with nonfiction events.
  • Chemistry and Art History

    Chemistry and Art History
    During my first year of college, when I was not reading "The Hunger Games," I was reading my Chemistry and Art History textbooks. These were both reading intensive classes. I enjoyed reading my Art History textbook, but Chemistry was a struggle for me.
  • "The Hunger Games"

    "The Hunger Games"
    I began reading "The Hunger Games" when I found out it was coming to theaters. All of my friends were really excited about it coming out, so I wanted to finish reading the novel before the movie came out. After I read this one, I read "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay" throughout the rest of my first year at college. This series were some of the last "fun" books that I read in college. Since college requires a lot of reading, my pleasure reading has been put on the back burner.
  • SCIENCE and Art History

    SCIENCE and Art History
    During my second year of college, I was constantly reading my science textbooks. I was taking Organic Chemistry, Biology, and Anatomy at the same time. Art History also included a lot of reading. I definitely did not have anytime to include any fun reading with this curriculum. However, when I changed my major I dropped Organic Chemistry and Anatomy which gave me a little more free time to read.
  • Kindle Reading

    Kindle Reading
    I began reading books on my Kindle more after I dropped two of my science classes and picked up a part time job. I started by reading "Every Last Kiss." I read that whole entire series, and then I started reading a couple teen supernatural novels on my Kindle.
  • Education Textbooks

    Education Textbooks
    Once I was accepted into the Middle School Education Program, I began reading a lot of textbooks and articles on education. I have overall enjoyed reading them, and learned a lot from the different material. I will continue to read different education articles and textbooks for the rest of my life.