My Literacy Moments

Timeline created by CandieMc
  • Learned to Read

    Learned to Read
    Initial exposure/decoding
  • Independent reading

    Independent reading
    I read a lot of series books in elementary school
  • 1st teacher read aloud that I remember

    1st teacher read aloud that I remember
    6th grade teacher read Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh each day after lunch
  • Junior English

    Junior English
    I was introduced to journalling by my English teacher
  • Senior English

    Senior English
    I feel that this was my first experience with the formal reading and writing process. I enjoyed this class very much.
  • Freshman experience

    Freshman experience
    Even though I did very well in high school, I don't believe I was even close to literate until college began and I had to teach myself how to read a textbook and learn from it. I also had to learn how to communicate my ideas in print (via computer/typewriter). My first semester was very challenging.
  • First job/workplace literacy

    First job/workplace literacy
    My first job out of college was as a computer programmer. I had to learn the computer language of the day and all of the military jargon and concepts that my job would require. In essence, I had to become literate in computer programming in a military setting.
  • Teaching Literacy

    Teaching Literacy
    After the birth of my first child, I felt incredibly responsible to expose him to many different literary experiences.
  • Adult reading

    Adult reading
    Throughout adulthood, I have read many different genres, but have typically enjoyed tragedies and historical fiction. This has improved my vocabulary and my understanding of the world around me - both past and present. This has included reading actual books, listening to books on cd, audible and mp3 players and reading on a Kindle
  • Medical Literacy

    Medical Literacy
    When my 5th child was born with Down syndrome and Leukemia, I had to become proficient in understanding the medical terminology that would encompass his health issues.
  • First Professional Teaching Experience

    First Professional Teaching Experience
    I began teaching Geometry in a private high school. I had to be proficient in the mathematical language as well as the methods and technology to be employed in teaching geometry to the students.