My Literacy History

  • Barney

    Before i could read or write i would watch Barney. It was very entertaining and introduced me to new things.
  • Dr. Suess

    My Mom began to read to me before i would go to bed. I became obsessed with all of Dr. Suess's Books.
  • Franklin

    This was a cartoon on Nickelodeon about a turtle. I remember it being one of my favorite shows.
  • SpongeBob

    SpongeBob is still to this day my favorite cartoon.
  • Sports Illustrated For Kids

    I would get this magazine once a month and i would look at all the pictures and read the articles that i found interesting.
  • ESPN

    I loved watching sports with a passion. i began to watch ESPN almost every night to see highlights of all the games.
  • The Outsiders

    Once i began reading again i was very interested in this novel. Something about it brought me into it and i connected very well with it.
  • The History Channel

    I started to watch the History Channel. I liked to learn about how people used to live and things that they did.
  • Beyond Belief: Finding the Strength to Come Back

    This is a book about Josh Hamilton's life. He is my favorite baseball player and his story is incredible.
  • The Outdoor Channel

    This past year i have been really into watching hunting shows on the Outdoor Channel.