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  • Alaska is Purchased from Russia

  • Completion of Transcontinental Railroad

    Completion of Transcontinental Railroad
    The completion of the transcontinental railroad impacted America greatly, as it connected the country and improved the economy. The economy was improved by this because of the great advantages on trade and businesses. Because of the transcontinental railroad, we could transport more goods, faster and cheaper. Today there are thousands of miles of railroad tracks all across the United Stated and we are trying to advance to a "high speed" rail, which would be even faster.
  • John D. Rockefeller Starts Standard Oil

  • Alexander Graham Bell Invents the Telephone

  • Thomas Edison Brings Light to the World With the Light Bulb

  • Chinese Exclusion Act

  • Samuel Gompers Founded the American Federation of Labor (AFL)

  • Sherman Anti-Trust Act

  • Ellis Island Opens

    Ellis Island Opens
    Ellis Island is located in the "upper New York bay" area and was a passage-way for many immigrants to come into the United States in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Ellis Island was an inspection station for immigrants coming to America, and during the first year of Ellis Island's opening, over 450,000 immigrants came to American through this station. Inspections done here were to accept or deny immigrants coming into the United States, these were medical, and tested the health of people.
  • Carnegie Steel’s Homestead Strike

  • Plessy v Ferguson

  • The U.S. Declares War on Spain

    The U.S. Declares War on Spain
    The U.S. declared war on Spain because of the sinking of the USS Maine. This became known as the Spanish-American War, and lasted from February to December (almost a year). The U.S. won the war, and because of this, Spain lost Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and other islands.
  • Hawaii is Annexed

  • Rudyard Kipling Published “The White Man’s Burden"

  • The Start of the Boxer Rebellion

  • Tenement Act

    Tenement Act
    The Tenement Act says that there must be proper lighting and ventilation in tenements and the workplace, as well as indoor bathrooms and windows. This is to keep living conditions safe and healthy for people, as most did not have indoor toilets before this, and waste would fill the streets, which was very unsanitary. A big "inspiration" for the tenement act was Jacob Riis, with his book "How the Other Half Live", which showed how poorly living conditions were, and opened many people's eyes.
  • President McKinley is Assassinated and Theodore Roosevelt Becomes President

    President McKinley is Assassinated and Theodore Roosevelt Becomes President
    While the date for this is September 14th, president McKinley was actually shot on September 6th, yet died on the 14th due to infection, and from then on Theodore Roosevelt took over. The location of the shooting was Buffalo, New York, and McKinley was shot twice in the "abdomen" by anarchist Leon Czolgosz. While his secretary feared the shooting, and even took the visit there off of McKinley's calendar TWICE, McKinely, would not listen and went anyways.
  • The Philippine Insurrection Comes to an End

  • Monroe Doctrine Has Right to Intervene in the Western Hemisphere

  • Upton Sinclair Releases “The Jungle”

    Upton Sinclair Releases “The Jungle”
    "The Jungle" is a book written by muckraker Upton Sinclair which sold over 1 million copies in the first year of being published as it shocked many with its graphic images.The book was made to expose the disgusting conditions of meat packing factories, and prevent these unsanitary conditions from continuing. Because of her book, today we have the Pure Food and Drug Act, which prevents selling goods which may be "adulterated, misbranded, poisonous, or deterious".
  • Pure Food & Drug Act and The Meat Inspection Act

    Pure Food & Drug Act and The Meat Inspection Act
    The Pure Food and Drug act, as well as the Meat Inspection Act were very much influenced by Upton Sinclair, and her famous book, "The Jungle". The Meat Inspection Act was passed just before the Pure Food and Drug act, yet these acts both ensure that the food/drugs that we receive are not "misbranded" or "adulterated", for the health of the people. To this day we have the FDA to enforce this law and ensure that our food stays healthy and safe to consume.
  • Peak Year of Immigration Through Ellis Island

  • Henry Ford Produces His First Model T (car)

    Henry Ford Produces His First Model T (car)
    This car was known as being a very affordable vehicle when it was made, which opened up motor travel to the middle class. Over time, this became a popular car because so many people had it, which was Ford's goal. Fun Fact: In the first years of selling the car it only came in the colors gray, green, blue, and red. It didn't come in black yet like most classic Model T cars look.
  • Creation of the NAACP

  • The Triangle Shirtwaste Fire

    The Triangle Shirtwaste Fire
    This fire was in New York, and caused the death of many women. They died due to "neglected safety issues", as the doors to the factory were locked and the women were stuck inside the factory as it burned. There were over 100 deaths in this fire, but not all were due to the fire. Some jumped out of windows of the factory and died to escape the fire. After this, many labor reforms changed the work place and how it functioned in order to prevent this from happening again.
  • The Assassination on Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    The Assassination on Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    In this assassination both the Archduke, and his wife were killed by a group of 6 assassins. Their main goal was to protest against the annexation of Serbia. Austria Hungary was greatly upset by the shooting and later declared war on Serbia. This had a huge impact on the world, as it is KNOWN as the trigger for WW1.
  • The Panama Canal is Completed and Opened for Traffic

  • The United States Enters WWI

  • Ratification of the 18th Amendment

  • Women Got the Right to Vote