My History as a Reader

Timeline created by lfoote6
  • Dr. Seuss (Books I loved as a Child)

    I loved reading Dr. Seuss books as a child. My favorite all time by him was "Green Eggs and Ham" even though I liked others as well.
  • My Mother Reading to Me When I Was Younger

    I remember going into kindergarten and my mother would read to me. I would read some small books to my mother and then she would read books to me before I would go to bed.
  • Mom Reading Before Bed (Memories of Someone Reading)

    I remember vaguely that my mom would read before she went to bed. She still does to this day, but remember her doing it growing up.
  • Dad Reading His Bible (Memories of Someone Reading)

    I remember growing up that my dad would read his Bible at the kitchen table. We would have long days at work and come home and read his Bible.
  • Mike Lupica (Books I loved as Child)

    I loved reading a lot of Mike Lupica books as a child. I liked to read Summer ball and Heat by him.
  • My Mother Loving to Read

    I just have memories of my mother reading before she goes to bed. She would read different books like The Twlight series, The Hunger Games, and then also her Bible. She loved reading different books like that.
  • My Dad Loving to Read

    I remember my dad reading his Bible a lot. I also remember him pushing us to read. He loved to read growing up and learn new things. That is why he pushed us to read as well.
  • Mike Lupica (Books I Loved Reading In School)

    I loved reading a few of his books growing up. I loved reading Summerball and also his book Heat. They were about a small kid (like I was when I was younger) and his love for the game of basketball.
  • Summerball (Books I Owned and Enjoyed)

    Summerball is a really cool book. It is a book that I have related to a lot in my basketball career. Pretty interesting how relatable the protagonist and I are.
  • Danny Walker (Characters I Connect To)

    I connect to Danny Walker in the book Summerball. He is a skinny kid that loves the game of basketball. He was never the most athletic or the biggest but put in the hard work to be the best player he could be. That was a lot like me and then it paid off my senior year.
  • Sports Illustrated

    Sports Illustrated is reading materials I enjoy reading. I am a huge sports guy and love reading sports and anything about it.
  • The Road (Books I Loved Reading In School)

    We read this book my senior year of high school. It was a very interesting and intriguing. It was a book about a man and his son traveling through a post-apocalyptic world. It is a pretty interesting book.
  • Kite Runner (Books I loved as a Child)

    This book I read my senior year of high school. It was very interesting even though there are some sad parts in it. Kite Runner was a fantastic book and one of my favorite all time.
  • Kite Runner (Books I Loved Reading In School)

    The book was also a very interesting book to read. It was about a couple kids in the middle east flying kites and the book shows what it's like over there.
  • Shakespeare (Books I hated)

    I absolutely could not stand reading Shakespeare. I read a lot of Shakespeare my senior year of high school especially. I did not enjoy it nor fully understand it.
  • Frankenstein

    This is a book that I acted like I understood. I never fully understood this book or choose to understand it. I did not read it a whole lot my senior year of high school so that is probably a big part of it.
  • Macbeth

    This is also a reading that I did not understand. This is mostly because it is Shakespeare and I did not understand his plays very well.
  • Reading Fences in High School

    I loved reading this play in school. It was a fun experience to be doing as a class. It was an interesting play to read and learn about what the main characters were going through.
  • Jesus Politics (Books I Own and Enjoy)

    I really enjoyed this book. It talks about what is going on with this country and how Jesus is the answer to guiding us in the right direction.
  • UnPhiltered By Phil Roberston

    This is a book that I am very interested in reading. The reason is because I have read Jesus Politics and what Robertson said about Jesus was amazing. I am just excited to see what that book is about.